28 April – 2 May 2024 | Puerto Rico

Deep Transformation in Puerto Rico with Lili Studio (5 days / 4 nights)

Free yourself from emotional blockages, negative thoughts and old patterns, and embrace a life of abundance and compassion.

Experience a transformative journey that will release emotional and mental blockages on all levels of your being, allowing you to surrender to the flow of life and connect with your authentic self. Through various practices such as somatic movement, breathwork, meditation, collective work, and adventure trips in the rainforest you’ll unlock stuck emotions, release blocked energy, experience deep relaxation, and fully activate your life energy.

You will be guided to release emotional blockages, letting go of unresolved trauma that is trapped in your body, and healing chronic pain through daily somatic movement and breathwork practices. This will create space for fresh and new pathways of life force energy.

You will practice how to face and overcome blockages (fear, guilt, shame) in a safe and supportive environment. Take life in and embrace it fully!

This is a boutique retreat where we will work in a small, international group (max. seven participants and two facilitators), thus creating an intimate setup where your needs and desires will be heard, seen, and felt.

This retreat is for those who are physically healthy and ready to dive into their emotional body (anger, sadness, grief, joy …) and energy body, seeking a new direction, truth, and potential in life. It’s an intense journey of self-discovery and growth, incorporating physical exploration, somatic techniques, emotional exploration, energy practices, and more.

How will this retreat change your life?

  • You will explore and transform negative patterns, cultivate communication skills, learn to set boundaries, and engage in group dynamics. Embrace gratitude, compassion, surrender, and connect with nature for a unique experience.
  • You will learn how to connect with your body’s intelligence, develop the skills to trust it, and let yourself be guided by it. Open up for receiving empowering tools of acceptance, self-love, and honesty that will support you on your path to live your true purpose.
  • You will develop self-discipline, gratitude, and patience while fostering authentic connections and true soul friendship.   


  • 4 nights full board accommodation in a single room.
  • Organic, multi-course food experience, daily snacks, and a variety of refreshments (tea, infused water, juices, coffee).
  • Guided nature adventure into the magical location of Rainforest rivers & waterfalls, Including transportation, expert guides, first aid, towels, water, snacks.
  • Transformational retreat program daily practices:
  • Transportation from and to the airport.
  • Afternoon Beach Trips (4): includes transportation, beach towels, special access to nearby beach.
  • Before and after photo session.

Not Included:

  • Flight tickets,
  • Travel insurance (it is mandatory),
  • Individual sessions and treatments.


Lili Gavrilović

Lili Gavrilović is an experienced bodyworker who has spent the last 20 years perfecting her knowledge of Aryuveda, Tuina massage, Traditional Chinese Massage, Reflexotherapy, Yumeiho, Breathwork, and Yoga.

She is a pioneer of Transformational deep healing work in Slovenia and is passionate about it, because of the way it combines therapeutic modalities of body, mind, and energy. As she evolved into a strong Transformer, she went through many layers of healing which gave her the ability to hold space for transformations that happen on the individual and group levels of her work. She is the founder of Lili studio which is a collective of four brave humans who have dedicated their lives to bringing healing and change into people’s lives.

She works on many levels, always with a loving, non-judgemental presence. She is the creative mastermind behind Lili studio’s workshops which are fluid, powerful workshops, where individuals can reconnect with their essence and fundamental beauty. She works from a place of deep love and empathy and is teaching humans not only how to nurture their essence, but how to spark change in others and offer true compassion to the less fortunate. She is currently dedicating more and more time to working with divine presence and exploring spiritual journeys that have a global impact. But most of all, she is a creative joyful human who proves to the people around her every day that she lives her truth.

Janez Vidrih

A transformational facilitator with extensive knowledge of Japanese manual therapy. He is also an Ecstatic dance dj that can take his crowd deep into their core and magical hights. He gained his skills and knowledge through education and ten years of practice in Slovenia, Croatia, the Netherlands, and Estonia. As an assistant with Dearmouring Arts, he participated in many transformational retreats, and it was there that he learned the skills of Dearmouring, how to hold space and help people overcome strong patterns and deep traumas.

He is very sensitive, compassionate and thorough in his work. An excellent listener with a loving touch and strong grip. His therapies are based on complete acceptance of the person’s current condition, without judgment or prejudice. With his knowledge, experience and sensitivity, he takes you on a healing journey and helps you restore your natural balance.

WHERE: Casa Alternavida, Puerto Rico
WHEN: 28 April – 2 May 2024 (5 Days / 4 Nights)
ACCOMMODATION: Full board accommodation in a single room
FOOD: Organic, multi-course food experience, daily snacks, and a variety of refreshments (tea, infused water, juices, coffee)   
PRICE: Starts at 3590 EUR
TO BOOK: lilistudio.net; info.lilistudio@gmail.com


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