3 – 6 October 2024 | Crans Montana, Switzerland

Sanctum Self-Quest and Self-Discovery Retreat by Luke Melisse (4 Days / 3 Nights)

Mountains represent stability and resilience; a perfect backdrop to release your energetic body to shift your mind and explore higher frequencies such as gratitude, bliss, and love, through the expansive mountainous landscape and rugged nature.

Combining multidisciplinary forms of physical, spiritual, and mental conditioning, discover your inner power through Sanctum Mindful Movement and align brain and body with what you really need and want.

With influences including kundalini, Native American vision quests, Buddhist therapies, primal movement, t’ai chi, and “ha” chanting from Japanese martial arts, open your heart and activate your collective energy centers with the community around you.

Founded by partners in life, in crime and in business – Luuk Melisse and Gabriel Olszewski – Sanctum was born from the desire to push physical, mental, and spiritual boundaries to live richer life as a result.


  • Fit and healthy body: during the moving sequence we activate every single muscle in the physical body. We sculpt, we stretch, we burn (an average of 700 kcal per class).
  • Greater self-confidence and self-worth: sequences activate deeper layers of consciousness, relaxing a restless mind and re-programming it to release deeply rooted limited beliefs and traumas.
  • More head space and focus, less anxiety and stress: oxygen saturation and blood vessel growth occur in areas of the brain associated with rational thinking. In addition, exercise decreases stress hormones such as cortisol and increases serotonin levels.

Retreat Includes: 

  • Daily Sanctum classes, cathartic mindful movement
  • Three-nights’ accommodation
  • Mindful hikes and walks, hypnotizing Swiss Alps setting
  • Three meals a day, set menu Eat With Six Senses program
  • One Biohacking enhancement treatment, 30 minutes
  • Spa Pool
  • One yoga class at the Sundeck, 60 minutes
  • Sustainability workshop at the Earth Lab, 60 minutes
  • Alchemy Bar workshop, 60 minutes
  • Sound healing session with crystal bowls

Not Included: 

  • Travel insurance
  • Flights


Luuk Melisse - Destination DeluxeLuke Melisse

Luuk Melisse conceptualized the Sanctum brand in June 2020, developing an unmatched sequence to empower the body and expand the mind. Following huge investment in his personal spiritual development, Luuk masterminded the technique of altering body frequencies. within a class. He unveiled a means to restore balance to your mental, spiritual, and physical body by combining multidisciplinary forms of physical, spiritual and mental conditioning. Influenced by the world of modern dance and theatre where he began, and pocketing experience from New York and LA, Luuk is continuously developing his spiritual practices such as breathwork and reiki as well as partnering with well-being summits to remain inspired by other artists, curators and business leaders.

WHERE: Six Senses Crans Montana, Switzerland
WHEN: 3-6 October 2024 (4 Days / 3 Nights)
ACCOMMODATION: Single or Double

PRICE: Starts at CHF 3,965 per person
TO BOOK: sixsenses.com