Experience Bespoke Luxury Retreats with Voyemo

Retreats Puglia Italy Voyemo Massimo Valenti - Destination Deluxe
Voyemo creates tailor-made travel experiences in some of the dreamiest locations such as Kenya, Zanzibar and Sicily

If you are looking for a unique and bespoke luxury travel experience, Voyemo has you covered. This boutique travel advisor, which recently appeared on our radar, aims to highlight “tailor-made” retreat experiences. Voyemo will have you doing fitness and yoga in some of the most exotic and beautiful destinations.

Wellness Retreats Puglia Italy Voyemo Massimo Valenti - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Puglia / Courtesy of Voyemo

Founder Riccardo Barile saw a gap in the travel market for “affordable luxury”. After spending years in travel management and experiences with luxury high-end travel, Voyemo was born. All accommodation he selects with care, and he has personally visited all locations. “The goal”, Barile says, “is to provide travellers with a home away from home experience”.

Voyemo fully supports travellers before, during, and after their holiday to offer the best individual travel experiences. They pride themselves in service and inclusive well-rounded retreat packages, which include a mix of yoga, meditation, and body activities with their specialized teachers, masseurs, and Ayurveda specialists.

Barile says customers will not need to book separate further activities when you let Voyemo arrange your luxury retreat trip. Everything is included starting from your arrival up to the moment you leave, so you can save your precious time and energy on enjoying your holiday.

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Wellness Retreats Italy Puglia Voyemo Massimo Valenti - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Puglia / Courtesy of Voyemo


Voyemo offers unforgettable luxury travel across the world. Ready to book your entire holiday, or a beautiful accommodation, or a single experience, Voyemo will go above and beyond to find and arrange the right vacation for you. 

Destinations currently include (but are not limited to) Kenya and South Africa, as well as Europe, with Sicily, Puglia, Sardinia, and Piedmont in Italy, Greece, Germany, Portugal, France, and the US.

Voyemo also provides exceptional experiences during the journeys. For example, you can arrange a personal photographer to capture all your best memories, a personal fitness trainer, a private yoga teacher, a private driver, individual sailboat tours, a concierge and butler, a private chef, or a candlelight dinner for a romantic evening.

Furthermore, you can organize a luxury honeymoon or get a local expert to take you on a cultural or a scenic excursion. Arrange an experience trip which will guide you to all the unique locations and show you the hidden treasures each destination has to offer. If you opt for the gourmet trip, you will experience the flavors and tastes of local cuisines, enjoy guided tours at the local wineries and farms, and enjoy cozy evenings dining with local families. 

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Voyemo Dennis Fitness Yoga Trainer - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Voyemo


Voyemo also plans to begin offering eco retreats specifically in Mallorca, Spain and Costa Rica, including ways to reduce those travel C02 emissions with exclusive offers from Sweden to Nice by train and from Nice to Mallorca by sailboat. The travel specialist aims to double its offerings and retreats in the future with a focus on yoga and meditation retreats and ecotourism.

In 2020 Voyemo will focus predominantly on retreats and travel experiences in Kenya, South Africa, Italy, Mallorca in Spain, Greece, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand and Arab countries. But the luxury travel company also plans to offer a wide range of new destinations. Wellness retreat-goers can look forward to holidaying in Lapland in Finland, Dubai and the Arab countries as well. Stay tuned!

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Voyemo Larissa Fitness Yoga Trainer - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Voyemo


Retreats are open to anyone looking to experiment or who are on the path to self-discovery and self-improvement. The wellness retreats are very much about living in the present and nourishing your body and soul.

Voyemo retreats are perfect for singles, couples, families, or groups of friends. The retreats and services are LGBTQI friendly as well; check out more of these specially curated travel destinations, accommodations, and experiences here.

Read more about the upcoming retreats we are most excited about here at Destination Deluxe below.

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Voyemo Wellness Luxury Retreats Kenya - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Kenya / Courtesy of Voyemo

Malindi, Kenya
14 Days 

Experience 11 days in Malindi, Kenya. Enjoy fresh, healthy food by a private chef and a relax with daily yoga and meditation classes, a personal trainer, group fitness classes and sports activities, a massage therapist, all-day excursions around stunning Malindi, Kenya. 

Perks: Double or single luxury suite in a boutique hotel in Malindi.
How much: 1,990 € per person (entry visa, flights, and extra food and beverage are not included). 3,580 € per couple
Learn more about the retreat

Wellness Retreats Tanzania Voyemo Sarabi - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Tanzania / Courtesy of Voyemo

Zanzibar, Tanzania
11 Days 

Enjoy 11 days on a private beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania. This retreat encompasses daily yoga classes by the Indian Ocean, a personal trainer, group fitness and sports activities, a massage therapist, Ayurveda treatments, all-day excursions around the beautiful Zanzibar in Tanzania, and enjoy fresh and healthy food by a private chef.
Perks: Double or single luxury deluxe suites at a unique resort with a private beach in the Southern area of Zanzibar.
How much: 1,750 € per person, 3,250 € per couple (entry visa, flights, and extra food and beverage are not included).

Voyemo Villa Tangi Sicily - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Sicily / Courtesy of Voyemo

Sicily, Italy 
8 Days 

This 8-day retreat takes place in West Sicily around Trapani. Travelers will enjoy daily yoga and meditation classes, Ayurveda treatments, a personal trainer, private sports lessons, and group fitness activities, a massage therapist, fresh, healthy food from the private chef every day. 

Perks: Double or single bedroom in a luxury villa in Trapani, Western Sicily.
How much: 1,590 € per person in a double luxury room with private bathroom (entry visa, flights, and extra food and beverage are not included). Special offer for couples, please contact Voyemo directly.
Learn more about the retreat

Voyemo Dennis Yoga Fitness Trainer - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Voyemo

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