Mediterranean Retreats – Wellness, Culture and Cuisine

Sicily Mediterranean Retreats - Destination Deluxe
A Mediterranean summer might not be on everyone’s agenda this year, but many of us have already been researching a number of European beach destinations for a luxury culinary wellness getaway

Even though there are still some travel restrictions in place, many wanderlusters are looking forward to Mediterranean retreats with less crowded beaches and historical villages and cities without masses of tourists.

The Mediterranean has long held a special appeal for travelers. But, while anyone can spend the summer in Greece or Italy, to truly experience all the charms of the region, you need someone with local knowledge – and all the right connections – to show you the ropes.

That’s where Voyemo can help. The bespoke travel agency has curated a collection of exquisite hidden accommodations, unique experiences, and exclusive services to create unforgettable luxury trips for discerning travelers.

Mediterranean - Destination Deluxe
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“More than ever, in this time of uncertainty, Voyemo is working very closely with our main partners in Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal in order to ensure high safety standards,” says Riccardo Barile, Voyemo’s Managing Director. “We basically only suggest accommodation in areas, which have been Covid 19-free for more than four weeks. We also offer a WhatsApp hotline service in order to support our customers during their travels and to immediately answer any questions or doubts.”

Mediterranean countries impress visitors with unique landscapes, rich culture, and incredible food and wine. During summer, this area truly comes alive, as people relax, and enjoy the great weather and the unique of history of the cities.


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Greece Luxury Travel - Destination Deluxe
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Forget Mykonos and Santorini. The bigger islands in Greece heave with crowds in the summer and can quickly lose their charm. Instead, head for the Small Cyclades. “[They] are, in my opinion, paradise on earth,” says Barile. “The Small Cyclades are wilder and emptier. Life is slow, the food is great, and you can experience authentic village life, go trekking, sit on the beach, or explore the countryside – all without thousands of people looking for a selfie.”

Head to Amorgos, Dounussa, Kefalonia or Samothraki to immerse yourself in true Greek island life. Voyemo offers tailor-made tours on these islands and has access to some of the most charming villas in the region. You can even add special experiences like private yoga classes and trekking tours.


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Mallorca Boutique Travel - Destination Deluxe
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Say “Bienvenido” to your eco-friendly Spanish island dream. With sweeping beaches, azure waters, limestone formations, rural retreats, and rich cuisine, Mallorca has always been one of the biggest draws in the Mediterranean. But now, there’s a new reason to head here.

Mallorca is a great choice for a green getaway. The island has made a point of protecting its wetlands, forests, mountains, and beaches – and it truly excels in converting existing properties into charming tourist accommodation.

Start your eco-friendly vacation by using Europe’s well-connected train services to make a zero-emissions journey to Nice, in southern France. From here, Voyemo uses a local partner to take you on a low-impact journey to Mallorca by sailboat; you’ll then be met by an electric car to make the drive to your resort.

“Our [resort] partner in Mallorca is a very low-emissions partner,” says Barile.” “They use 70% solar and wind energy and during their stay, guests enjoy fresh, homemade food made with vegetables from the property’s backyard, meditation, detox programs, and Ayurvedic treatments. So, this retreat is good for the environment and the body!”


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Puglia Mediterranean Retreats - Destination Deluxe
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This under-the-radar beach destination in Italy’s south has everything you could want in an Italian destination. Think picturesque historic towns, stunning churches, and rich culinary traditions. While here, take the opportunity to bask in the Baroque splendor of Lecce; seek peace in the Forest of Umbra; or soak up the sun in Salento. If you’re looking for some stunning properties to relax in, try these modern masterpieces.


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Tuscany Mediterranean Retreats - Destination Deluxe
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Sweeping bucolic landscapes, charming villas, and delicious wines combine to cast a spell over visitors to Tuscany. It’s a truly indulgent vacation – and one best enjoyed in the summer.

Live out your “Under the Tuscan Sun” fantasies by checking into this chic Chianti resort and spa. Featuring several cottages and farmhouses from the Renaissance period, it was once an olive farm – and still produces a high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Your stay will even have an environmentally-friendly element. The property prepares farm-to-table meals, most of which are made with ingredients from their vegetable garden and orchard or surrounding towns.

Don’t miss the Tuscan capital of Florence. The birthplace of Michelangelo and the former stomping ground of the powerful Medicis, the city is an intoxicating tribute to Renaissance art and architecture. Marvel at the soaring Duomo and imposing Palazzos Pitti and Vecchio; be awed by the artistic masterpieces at the Uffizi and Accademia; then wander further afield to find this historic city’s hidden gems.

Need some help discovering the city’s rich heritage? Check into this luxe boutique hotel and enjoy the hospitality of a historic Florentine family. This sumptuous hideaway boasts jungle-inspired designer interiors and an impressive collection of objets d’art and antiques collected by the family’s patriarch during his travels in the 1950s. Your tailor-made trip could also come with 24-hour concierge service, luxury airport transfers, a private wine tasting, and a trip through the old botteghe (artist workshops).


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Mediterranean Retreats Sicily - Destination Deluxe
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Had your fill of Tuscany’s Chiantis and Brunellos? Head to Sicily for an unforgettable culinary experience. Palermo, its biggest city, regularly features as one of Italy’s street food capitals. Sicilian food has been influenced by various civilizations that lived on the volcanic island and built cities which were once the richest and most flourishing in the Mediterranean. Nowhere else have Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, French, Germans, Spanish, Italians, and even the British, left such an enormous collective legacy.

Whether it be lounging on golden beaches, hiking in the mountains, or visiting ancient archaeological sites, Sicily has something for everyone. Should you want to retreat pool side, while away the time and take in the fabulous views at Villa Tangi.


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Venice Luxury Travel with Voyemo - Destination Deluxe
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It’s hard not to fall in love with Venice, even in the thick of summer when it’s overrun with visitors. “With its picturesque canals and countless corners, nobody gets bored in Venice,” says Barile. Once you’ve explored St Mark’s Square, visited the Doge’s Palace and taken a gondola ride along the canals, head out to the islands. Colorful Burano, rustic Torcello and the glass workshops of Murano all intriguing.

In the spring and summer, embark on tailor-made luxury holidays where you’ll stay in a swanky hidden hotel near St Mark’s Square, sip Prosecco while cruising the canals, and perhaps pose for a private photography session.


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Mediterranean Retreats - Destination Deluxe
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The Mediterranean is great at any time, but in the spring and summer, it holds an indescribable appeal. With a combination of great weather, mouthwatering food, rich history, idyllic beaches and quaint, historic towns, it has a way of getting under your skin. But if you’re planning to head that way this summer, enjoy the best of the region with Voyemo’s unique services and accommodations.

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