8 of the Most Beautiful Spas in Europe

Most Beautiful Spas Deep Nature Spa at Résidence & Spa Les Sources Arc 1950 Le Village - Destination Deluxe
A European spa holiday is a must-do for spa lovers. Using a combination of age-old traditions, feel-good massages, technology, and back-to-nature settings, it reboots mind, body, and soul

If you’re looking for a European holiday to relax and unwind, we’ve handpicked the 8 most beautiful spas across the European continent.

Most Beautiful Spas Gainsborough Bath Spa - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of The Gainsborough Bath Spa

The Gainsborough Bath Spa
Bath, United Kingdom

Bath has been the go-to destination for spa lovers for a long time now. If you’re looking to unwind in style, The Gainsborough Bath Spa is the place to go. The award-winning Champalimaud Design rooms and suites at the Gainsborough Bath Spa proudly provide a selection of rooms specifically tailored for visitors with impaired mobility. A four-story glass atrium positioned above the Bath House bathes the serene environment of the spa with natural light. It combines the famed waters of Bath with a unique treatment that focuses on tailored aromatherapy, bridging the gap between science and art. The concept behind the brand is to pay homage to the region’s therapeutic traditions, while also delivering the gift of specially selected therapies.


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Most Beautiful Spas Aqua Dome Austria - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Aqua Dome

Aqua Dome
Langenfeld, Austria

The contrast between the harsh environment outside and the luxury comfort of the Aqua Dome brings opposites together by providing a wonderfully calming synergy for both the body and the psyche. The Aqua Dome’s big thermal treatment hall is positioned in the center. The Spa Dome, which is surrounded by massive glass and steel walls, offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. Seasonally, treatments and beauty therapies are updated to maximize their effects and benefits. The carefully created aquatic world and professional child-minding services keep the kids amused while you rest. The pools are available until midnight on Fridays for “Moonlight Bathing,” with top-notch wellness and beauty specialists looking after guests at this wonderful spa dome.


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Deep Nature Spa at Résidence & Spa Les Sources Arc 1950 Le Village France - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Deep Nature Spa

Deep Nature Spa at Résidence & Spa Les Sources de Marie – Arc 1950 Le Village
Bourg-Saint-Maurice, France

The Deep Nature Spa (main photo) is a mineral setting that celebrates nature, the surrounding mountains’ raw and magnificent rock, and the purity of a suspended moment dedicated to your wellbeing. The stunning architecture and distinct ambiance will take you to a world dedicated only to leisure. Come and discover one of the largest spas in the Alps in the heart of Arc 1950 Village. The Deep Nature Spa in The Village keeps adding to its array of services for a customized relaxation program: facials and body treatments, massages, and theme packages to fit your needs. Children have access to the aquatic cave, whirlpool, shower course, foot bath, and relaxation area, as well as two new outdoor Nordic hot water spas.


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Palazzo Tirso Spa by L’OCCITANE MGallery - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Spa L’OCCITANE

Palazzo Tirso Spa by L’OCCITANE at Hotel Palazzo Tirso Cagliari – MGallery
Sardinia, Italy

Every gesture, ingredient, and ritual are derived from a page of the L’OCCITANE herbarium, a collection of hundreds of essential oils and natural ingredients, in a sanctuary of relaxation in Italy. Yes, you read that right. Come August 2022, Spa L’OCCITANE is set to open its very first spa in Italy in the historic palace of Hotel Palazzo Tirso Cagliari – MGallery, a stylish 5-star hotel in the center of Cagliari. Here, your journey will start with a welcome ritual that will help you dive into wellbeing right away. Then, your targeted treatment will engage all of your senses – with sensorial textures, relaxing music, and herbal teas inspired by Provençal traditions. The spa combines the best of traditional massage techniques from throughout the world with authentic Provençal ingredients with the recognized origin and proven effectiveness. The Palazzo Tirso Spa by L’OCCITANE is a haven of relaxation where the mind, body, and soul are in perfect harmony: the true essence of wellbeing. They choose hand-performed treatments over machines and traditional massage techniques over technology because they value authenticity.


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Most Beautiful Spas Gellert Thermal Bath Budapest Hungary - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Gellért Thermal Bath

Gellért Thermal Bath
Budapest, Hungary

The Gellért Thermal Bath and Spa, which dates back over a century, is one of Budapest’s largest and most luxurious spa complexes. Gellért Thermal Bath’s main draw is the exceptional therapeutic capabilities of the water that feeds its various indoor and outdoor pools. Gellért Thermal Bath is one of the largest natural spring water spa complexes in Central Eastern Europe, featuring multiple pools with thalassotherapy, saunas, steam rooms, massage rooms, a restaurant, and more. The thermal baths are open Monday through Sunday from 9am to 7pm, and many of the pools contain underwater jets for aqua massage therapy. The Gellért spa provides high-quality massage treatments to all bath visitors who seek to extend and enhance their bath experience. Gellért Thermal Bath is handicapped accessible, and several of its pools include a pool elevator that lifts bathers into the water.


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Most Beautiful Spas Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamami - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamami

Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamami
Istanbul, Turkey

The bathhouse was built in 1556 by the great Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan opposite Hagia Sophia on behalf of Sultan Suleiman’s wife, Hürrem Sultan, after the historical baths of Zeuxippus collapsed in 532. This is one of Istanbul’s most luxurious medieval Turkish baths, located in Sultanahmet, the old city’s heart. Steam bath, peeling, and soap massage are some of the services available. The authenticity of the Ottoman culture is praised by visitors. Visitors can enjoy massages, aromatherapy massages, peelings, and masks in addition to the traditional bath. The hammam trip starts in the hot room. You’ll be left here to unwind and sweat by the attendant. The hot part of the Turkish bath is created with rays of sunlight filtering in through a high central dome, lighting the steam and creating a magnificent atmosphere.


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Most Beautiful Spas Monart Destination Spa - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Monart Destination Spa

Monart Destination Spa
Co. Wexford, Ireland

This adult-only destination spa hotel in Ireland is a must-see for anyone looking to switch off and relax. It has been ranked in the top 1% of all hotels worldwide by TripAdvisor since 2020. The thermal rooms, which are based on historic heating and cooling bathing traditions, provide residents and non-residents a broad selection of treatments and classes, as well as fantastic day spa programs. Sauna, steam room, outdoor Finnish sauna, salt grotto, infrared pro suite, caldarium, and hydrotherapy pool are all available in the spa thermal suite. Monart’s highly trained therapists will give you expert advice and consultation so that you may get the most out of a wide choice of spa treatments and therapies. They are committed to helping you unwind, restore, and regenerate in this beautiful and unique setting. The main lobby in the hotel is one of the only places in the resort where you’ll find Wi-Fi. Guests who check in are otherwise encouraged to do a digital detox and unwind from within. Another thing to love about this hotel is the fact that there is no dress code, you’ll find guests roaming around and dining in their white robes almost everywhere. Sleep and relaxation are at the heart of every stay at the Monart Destination Spa.


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Vilnius Grand Resort V Spa & Wellness Center Retreat Pool - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy Vilnius Grand Resort

Vilnius Grand Resort
Vilnius, Lithuania

Situated a stone’s throw from Lithuania’s Vilnius city center, Vilnius Grand Resort is surrounded by lakes and a sprawling pine and birch forest with winding hills. Guests can improve specific emotional, physical, and mental health conditions with personalized retreats and a series of wellness programs inspired by ancient healing traditions at The V Spa & Wellness center, designed and built utilizing the most advanced technologies and equipment. The resort includes The Aqua Pool area which features a Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room; while the Vitality Spa offers a pool with water massage functions, indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi, plunge pool, Kneipp foot reflexology, tropical experience grotto, contrast showers, and a variety of heat facilities.


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