6 Online Wellness Retreats to Sign Up For Now

Escape Haven Online Retreats - Destination Deluxe
Wellness destinations and practitioners around the world are redesigning their offerings so that would-be travelers can enjoy online wellness retreats in the comfort of their own homes

A wellness retreat is a great way to hit reset on your mental and physical health. But, with the COVID-19 travel restrictions still in place, you probably won’t be able to escape to your favorite healthy haven for a little R’n’R. But that doesn’t mean you have to totally forgo a transformational summer getaway.

Wellness destinations and practitioners around the world are redesigning their offerings so that would-be travelers can enjoy an effective wellness retreat in the comfort of their own homes. Whether you’re looking to improve your sleep, refocus your diet, do a detox, or extend your yoga practice, these six wellness retreats have been designed to improve your state of being this summer.

Pravassa Online Retreats - Destination Deluxe
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US-based Pravassa usually creates custom wellness-focused travel itineraries and immersive experiences for those who want to combine their love of travel with a focus on health. In response to the pandemic, though, the brand has launched an exclusive digital retreat series titled “Wander Home.”

There are five programs in the series, each designed to target different wellness goals. “Ground In” is an introduction to wellness fundamentals; “Interdependence” is a more philosophical and spiritual retreat; “Food Health” addresses healthy eating habits; “Sound Sleep” is designed to help you get more better-quality rest; and “Grief” will help participants get through tough times.

Each program will be offered at three different levels; each one will have different durations, price points, and inclusions. The entry-level “Boutique” is a 48-hour retreat that includes recipes, video tutorials, and some meditation and movement. The mid-tier “Luxury” offers an extended 72-hour immersion that includes all the “Boutique” offerings, along with one-one-on calls with coaches, meal deliveries (within the US), and curated gift bags. If you’re looking to really make a go of it, the “Premium” 72-hour retreats come with all the above and accommodation in a private villa near your location (within the US), meals prepared by a private chef, and additional video tutorials.

“Boutique” US$95 / “Luxury” US$395 / “Premium” US$895


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Online Wellness Retreats Bali Escape Haven - Destination Deluxe
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This luxe hideaway, located on Canggu’s Echo Beach on the island of Bali, is taking its women-only wellness program online with an exclusive VIP coaching retreat. The digital escape will allow participants to enjoy the property’s most popular signature activities in the comfort of their own homes.

In the all-encompassing six-week retreat, you’ll be immersed in a range of wellness concepts, from nourishing recipes and stress management to sleep health and inspiring yoga classes. Each part will be delivered with high-quality videos, online classes, and downloadable worksheets. The program is structured as a basic six-module course, but you can add a seventh VIP coaching model at extra cost. No matter which retreat you choose, you’ll also have access to 

USD$397 / USD$997 for VIP option


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Chosen Experiences Virtual Dinner Singapore - Destination Deluxe
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This Bali-based brand is known for its intensive resilience courses designed for high achievers. Now, to help people navigate the uncertainties of the pandemic, they’re making their resilience program more accessible by taking it online. The four-week program is designed to help participants improve their ability to overcome challenges, create a plan to optimize their lives, achieve better mental and physical health, and become effective decision-makers.

The course involves two weekly calls, daily challenges, nightly journaling, weekly exercises, and an hour of a week of informative reading. Along the way, you’ll delve into the neuroscience of resilience, psychology, the foundations of self-care, and physiology. 



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Oneworld Ayurveda Retreats - Destination Deluxe
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This popular Ayurvedic retreat in Bali has reinvented itself for the pandemic with its online “Ayurvedic Detox and Immune-Booster Programme” retreat, which focuses on developing health and wellness. Designed by the property’s team of doctors, chefs, and yoga teachers, the 7-day wellness retreat features daily yoga and meditation, 45 detoxing recipes, 5 cooking demonstrations, and a range of useful advice.

The program is available in two categories. The “Essential” program features all the above, while the “Premium” program also comes with two 24-minute consultations, dosha readings, and personalized guidance. The price of the retreats also includes the donation of a “survival basket” to local Balinese families.

USD$95 / US$195


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38ºN Academy 38 Degrees North Coaching Retreat - Destination Deluxe
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This exclusive coaching academy usually runs programs at the swish Puente Romano Marbella hotel. You might not be able to get to the ritzy Spanish island right now, but you can certainly reap the benefits of a wellness retreat with these experts. The five-day “Prep & Protect” virtual retreat is delivered through a dedicated app and covers everything from workouts and stress management to nutritional advice, and guided meditations.

You’ll also get one coaching lesson each day, gain exclusive access to coaches Claire and James, and track your progress through worksheets and a journal. The best part? It’s free – you just have to register to participate.

Multiple dates through summer




Sparkle Well - Destination Deluxe
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Sparkle Well

The 21-day Cleanse & Renew by Sparkle Well is an easy step-by-step online guided program, which you can do anytime throughout the day. It includes daily inspiration and guidance, live weekly calls, daily well-researched lectures, suggested action plans, recipe guidelines as well as check-lists to understand your level of toxicity in your body, lifestyle and home. You don’t necessarily have to give up your morning coffee (although highly recommended). It’s a cleanse for oneself, home and lifestyle. Facilitated by Naturopath Sally Mathrick who is considered a pioneer in the detox and wellness field and sought-after by individuals, brands and companies for her expertise. She was a detox columnist for Australian Wellbeing magazine for several years and has consulted at retreats and wellness centers throughout Australia and Asia-Pacific. 




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