Philosophia Botanica Introduces the FLOW Facial Ritual

Philosophia Botanica Natural Skincare - Destination Deluxe
Philosophia Botanica invites skincare enthusiasts on a botanical journey with its eco-friendly skincare range of African botanical oils and its new FLOW Facial Ritual rooted in Chinese medicine

An all-natural skincare line handcrafted in South Africa, Philosophia Botanica specializes in seed-to-skin formulas made from the finest African extracts and 100% pure botanicals. Now, the brand is bringing its fusion of adaptogenic botanical oils to the Philosophia Botanica FLOW Facial Ritual. 

Inviting skincare enthusiasts on a botanical journey with its nourishing, clean, and eco-friendly skincare range and toning and hydrating body-care line, Philosophia Botanica brings the power of African botanical oils to the world. Its new FLOW Facial Ritual is a luxurious facial treatment rooted in Chinese medicine and the art of flow. It plumps the skin, promotes skin vitality while defining, sculpting, and lifting the skin at the cellular level.

Philosophia Botanica Natural Skincare from South Africa - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Philosophia Botanica


The name Philosophia Botanica evokes the source of its ingredients as well as the purity and natural attributes of its products. Philosophia Botanica was founded on the promise to create a luxurious skincare range that is simple and completely natural, and its exclusive formulae are developed in Cape Town, South Africa. All products are blended with care using only the highest-grade oils, all of which have been lovingly extracted from native flowers and plants.

Formulations are crafted from plants which have been picked at their peak so that each product is infused with the plants’ therapeutic benefits without the need for heavy processing and refining. Ingredients are 100% natural, organic, raw, cold-pressed, unrefined, and ethically made, as well as sourced from sustainable plantations and a variety of ecologically-friendly sources throughout the world.

None of the products contain parabens, artificial colors, mineral oil, silicone, or any raw animal materials. And, all products come packaged in glass to preserve their freshness and conserve the original scent, as well as being recycling-friendly.

Philosophia Botanica Flow Facial Ritual - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Philosophia Botanica


If you are seeking a treatment that promotes energy production at the cellular level, encourages the natural production of elastin and collagen, and reduces inflammation, Philosophia Botanica’s FLOW Facial Ritual is just the answer. This holistic facial incorporates facial-mapping based on Traditional Chinese medicine methods, meridian balancing, magnetic energy balancing, acupressure stimulation, and a unique facial massage ritual that includes magnetic pearls, creating stimulation along the acupuncture points and meridians of the face.

The FLOW magnetic pen and a sculpting copper spoon are paired with gentle meridian massage techniques along acu-beauty pressure points to improve circulation, enhance the skin’s metabolism, and relax strained and tired facial muscles. 

A gentle meridian massage stimulation, combined with acu-beauty pressure points, the Flow magnetic pen and the sculpting copper spoon are combined to improve circulation by gently enhancing the metabolism of the skin while relaxing strained and tired facial muscles.

The movements work along the meridians of the face, pushing out stagnant fluids that cause puffiness, sallowness, and sluggishness, all of which hinder the skin’s natural vitality and radiance. It benefits all skin types, as well as both men and women. Those with sensitive, acne-prone skin and aging concerns will especially benefit from this powerful ritual.

Healing House Philosophia Botanica Facial, Londolozi Private Game Reserve
Photo: Courtesy of Philosophia Botanica

During the facial treatment, adaptogenic botanical oils are used to encourage the natural production of elastin and collagen to maintain healthy skin and to stimulate the flow of blood and qi to the face, head, and neck. Fortifying and nourishing to the nervous system, adaptogens equip us to better metabolize and manage stress. The term “adaptogen” is derived from the fact that these molecules work to regulate and adapt the body.

The FLOW Pen is used to locate areas of stress and stagnation in the face, and to stimulate the meridians for greater wellness. This double-headed magnetic pen assists in balancing the facial meridian, and in strengthening the flow of energy in our body. It was designed to be just the right weight to affect each meridian and acu-beauty point with the necessary amount of  pressure. Gold-coated micro-magnetic pearls are carefully applied to the meridians and the acupuncture points of the face to stimulate tissue activity, increase circulation and oxygenation, reduce the depth of wrinkles, plump the skin, and encourage the radiance, glow, and qi.

This prepares your skin for your skincare or make-up routine, or for a day or night of bare skin. Research has shown that magnets increase the production of amino acids and positively affect the entire body. Researchers have shown that a mild magnetic field can cause the smallest blood vessels in the body to dilate or constrict, thus increasing the blood flow and suppressing inflammation, a critical factor in the healing process. Magnets also accelerate the metabolism and help the body function properly. They help oxygen and nutrients arrive at an injury site as soon as possible to repair the damage. It is important to note that this treatment is not suitable during pregnancy and not for those who are allergic to gold, or with pacemakers or heart conditions. Some people will notice a change after one treatment, depending on their underlying facial volume, skin health, and the area treated. However, most people will notice greater benefits after two to three treatments.