19-26 April | Kyoto, Japan

Deep Roots - A Japanese Spiritual and Cultural Pilgrimage of a Lifetime with Bruce Taylor (7 days / 6 nights)
The Deep Roots tour to Kyoto, Japan, taking place April 19-26, 2024, is an opportunity to connect to the spiritual, cultural, and historical roots of some of the most sacred areas in all of Japan. This tour is ideal for anyone interested in Reiki, Japanese Spirituality, Buddhism, Shamanic work/healing, Japanese History and Culture and holistic wellness in general. 
During this tour, guests will have privileged and exclusive access to audiences and locations that have never been offered to the public before including:
– The first private audience with the head priest of Mt. Kurama.  This mountain, once referenced as “The Mountain of Darkness, Mountain of Light” is the believed genesis point for all life on earth.  Further to this, it is famously the mountain where the practice of Reiki healing originated. It is a deeply spiritual place and the home of the mysterious Sonten sect of esoteric Buddhism. We will learn, first hand, the mysteries of this mountain during our multiple visits.
– The first ever private audience with a senior Ajari (teacher monk) from Mt. Hiei.  Mt. Hiei is the birthplace of Buddhism in Japan and, arguably, one of the most sacred mountains in the entire country. Further to this, it is the home of the marathon monks and the practice of the Kaihogyo – likely the most demanding feat of human endurance known. Surviving the Kiahogyo allows one to become an incarnation of a central deity (Fudo-Myoo). During our visit and our audience with the senior monk, we will have exclusive access to private temples and we will learn about the deep history and practices of this mountain, and the Kiahogyo in particular, first hand.
– The first ever private tour of Shogo-in Temple in Kyoto from both the acting and head priests of the temple. This temple is the home of the practice of Shugendo, which is a practice akin to Shamanism. The temple is closed to the public but we will have a full tour as well as a half day learning about the rich practice of Shugendo and why it is a central practice to the spiritualty of the area.
– Private guided full moon meditation walk in the sacred cedar forests of Mt. Kurama lead by the Yamabushi (monks who practice forest & shamanic meditations). These Yamabushi are the senior practitioners from the Kyoto, Mt. Kurama and Mt. Hiei areas.
– Private Goma Fire ceremony in the Deep Kurama wilderness + private Lotus Sutra recitation and temple consecration + a very special musical performance from Hiroki Okano (Yamabushi/Shamanic healer and esoteric musician)
– Ongoing teaching and learning opportunities from Bruce Taylor and some very special guests. 
– Rural homestay in traditional Japanese farm houses in the sacred forests of Deep Kurama. These homestays are set in an area of Japan that has the highest concentration of sacred archeological sites anywhere in Japan.
The Deep Roots tour has been carefully designed to be an experience that is open to everyone, regardless of practice. Each day of the tour is set to build from the previous as we go on a journey of a lifetime into the very heart of the exceptionally rich historical and spiritual heritage of Japan.  With daily experiences that have never before been offered to the public, exclusive access to temples and private audiences with some of the most significant spiritual leaders in central Japan – this tour is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

For a more complete understanding of all that we will experience together, please do have a look at the tour landing page. Here you will find videos and articles that help explain the gravity of these practices and encounters. Further, you can see the full tour itinerary and all that we will be experiencing together. On behalf of all of our special guests, we look forward to welcoming you in Kyoto this coming April for the adventure of a lifetime.


  • All teachings and trainings from Bruce Taylor
  • Exclusive temple access
  • Private audiences with head priests, monks, Shugendo & Yamabushi practitioners
  • All accommodation from the 24-26 April
  • Transportation and meals will be included during stay in Deep Kurama

Not Included:

  • Airfare
  • Accommodation & food from 19-24 April
  • Transportation costs
  • Admission fees
  • Personal expenses/insurance
  • Transport to and from Kyoto  


Bruce Taylor Reiki - Destination Deluxe

Bruce Taylor

Reiki and Holistic Wellness Practitioner/Teacher

Bruce is a full time Reiki and Holistic Wellness teacher and practitioner who teaches and trains globally via rootsoflife.org.
He has been practicing Reiki healing for close to 20 years and it was instrumental in his recovery from a fair share of health issues some 8 years ago.  His healing journey allowed him to futher concentrate on Reiki and Holistic Wellness which brought him to study, teach, and practice in Kyoto – Japan. 
Bruce now runs yearly pilgrimages to Japan which offer guests priviliged access to people and locations that are not offered to the general public. 
Bruce is based both in France and Hong Kong and is the resident Reiki practitioner at The Vitality Center in Central – Hong Kong, which is one of the city’s oldest Chinese Medicine and Holistic centers.
Beyond his work with Reiki, Bruce also works with psychadelic therapy, yoga, breathwork, couple therapy/relationship work, and meditation trainings. 
For more about Bruce, click here.


WHERE: Kyoto, Japan – accommodation from 19-24 of April to be arranged by each guest among selected hotels or on their own. 
WHEN: 24-16 April (7 Days / 6 Nights) Yasaka Shrine area – Gion District – Kyoto
ACCOMMODATION: While in Deep Kurama (24-26th April) at the rural farmhouse accommodations, we will have double accommodation. Outside of these dates, guests can book their accommodation to their own standards.
FOOD: Not included
PRICE: Per accommodation/package option 3,900 EUR + expenses not included in the tour.  A rough estimate of this experience will be around 7,000 EUR for the complete week. 
TO BOOK: rootsoflife.org/kyoto; grow@rootsoflife.org