Planning Your Next Bespoke Vacation

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Companies like Voyemo help us to choose safe destinations and local travel experts who will guide us as we discover our wanderlust on our next vacation

Many people are researching and already booking their next vacation for the second half of the year. Many of us will be hopping on a plane, sooner than later.

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Bespoke travel company Voyemo is currently arranging trips for a range of clients to experience Mediterranean destinations, including Madeira, Athens, Santorini and the rest of the Greek islands, Tuscany, Puglia, Sicily, and Israel, as well as worldwide destinations that require more extensive and long-haul flights. Wellness getaways and culinary trips are high on the agenda for these regions, and if you’re looking for a unique tailor-made experience, look no further, Voyemo will dream up the perfect vacation for you. You’ll be staying in the most beautiful destinations, in a home away from home, fully supported before, during and after your trip.

Voyemo prides itself in responding to its clients’ needs and offering top-notch service and all-inclusive well-rounded packages, which can include anything from personal trainers, fitness and wellness classes, masseurs, personal chefs, private drivers, butlers, and local guides.

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The customers can let Voyemo take care of all the holiday arrangements and won’t need to book any other activities or sight-seeing trips at the destination. Everything, from your arrival up to the moment you leave, is included in the trip, so you can leave your worries behind, remain stress-free and focus all your time and attention on enjoying your holiday. Booking with Voyemo will set you apart from your every-day tourist, enabling you to fully immerse yourself in a destination, uncover its hidden treasures and enjoy the flavors and tastes like a local.

“Voyemo is able to provide unique suggestions for special travels to Italy, Greece and Portugal for summer / autumn 2021 and even 2022, with an expert network of travel specialists who are originally from these destinations or have visited and lived in these areas,” says Riccardo Barile, Founder and Managing Director of Voyemo. “Voyemo can also be by your side on site if you wish. To be accompanied by our local travel guides will be the best way to explore these special places and experience them in a deeply authentic way.” 

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Along with an increase in holiday bookings, Voyemo has also been planning numerous weddings, which are set to take place in Greece and Italy.

“Voyemo can plan your wedding trip for 2024,” says Barile. “As an online worldwide operating agency, we can ensure safety, security and total booking flexibility. I believe that in 2024, Tuscany but also other Italian regions like Puglia or Sicily will become very attractive again. In the case of Santorini and Italy, people might get married there and add their honeymoon at the same time. For honeymoon-only trips in 2024, we’re currently booking destinations again such as the Maldives, Greece in general, South America and South Africa.”

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Of course, Voyemo pays extra attention to creating and choosing the safe environments for its travelers. “Voyemo works very closely with our hotel and destination partners in order to ensure the highest cleaning and safety standards,” says Barile. “We make sure we only select destinations and accommodations in remote and safe areas, far away from the chaos.” 

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Voyemo offers unforgettable luxury travel around the world. Ready to book your entire vacation, or a beautiful stay, or a single experience, Voyemo will go above and beyond to find and arrange the right holiday for you.


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