Plant-based Cuisine in Hong Kong

Fivelements Cuisine - Destination Deluxe
Fivelements Habitat’s Sakti Elixir pioneers with its healthy plant-based cuisine in Hong Kong

People around the world have become more conscious about their health since the coronavirus measures paused our bustling modern lifestyle. While facing all sorts of uncertainty, many have focused on what they can control and be certain about, such as revving up their workout routines and changing their eating habits to include more of a plant-based cuisine. They consider the current crisis to be an opportunity to take a break from hectic work schedules and look after their personal needs.

They realize the need to prioritize their physical and mental health, as it is more important to be healthy and living well than suffering from illnesses. Therefore, after quite a while of enjoying a wine spree and fast food delivery galore during lockdown, a lot of people began taking a better route by eating healthy and doing yoga or indoor exercises, and meditation.

As food establishments are reopening, more people are choosing places that not only quench their desires for something tasty, but also healthy and guilt-free. They are making choices based on their personal wellbeing. 

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Vegan Cuisine Hong Kong - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Fivelements Habitat


Sakti Elixir at Fivelements Habitat in Hong Kong is one of the places that receives a recognition for championing health and wellness. It was named “Wellness Cuisine of the Year” by the Destination Deluxe Awards 2020, from a shortlist that included 10 other restaurants from Switzerland, United States, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, and India.

Sakti Elixir is Fivelements Habitat’s restaurant and lounge area that serves members and non-members a selection of whole food plant-based dishes with its seasonal breakfast, lunch, beverage, afternoon and dinner menus.

Inspired by the Sakti Dining Room in Bali, Sakti Elixir is casual and relaxed and aims to offer more affordable daily nourishment. “Nevertheless, it delivers the same care and attention to detail as our other award-winning destination,” says its culinary curator Chef Arnaud Hauchon.

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Fivelements Habitat Wellness Cuisine - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Fivelements Habitat

First-time customers should expect a home-made whole food plant-based cuisine that is creative, respectful of the seasons, and consciously cooked by chefs that care and pay attention to detail. “The menu is curated to nourish and please, as each ingredient is carefully selected and most of them are sourced organically. One can also expect to find a very unique natural tea selection,” says Hauchon.

“Finally, our guests should expect to be well fed, with fresh and tasty, carefully prepared meals, regardless of their diets,” he adds.

For holistic wellness, guests can choose from customized programs and services at Fivelements Habitat, such as yoga and sacred arts classes, body massages, detox and facial rituals, or wellness day packages, which include a plant-based meal at Sakti Elixir.

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Fivelements Habitat Cuisine - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Fivelements Habitat


Hauchon emphasizes the importance of plant-based nutrition and sustainability, which comprise the concept of Fivelements’ Sakti Dining Room and Sakti Elixir.

“I do follow a wholefood plant-based lifestyle. I believe my diet keeps me healthy, energetic, switched on, and in tune with my environment. By questioning the way I feed myself, I also question other aspects of my behavior as a consumer, citizen and being,” Hauchon says.

People have become increasingly aware of the health benefits of mostly plant-based diets, which reportedly help reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and obesity, among other illnesses. Many organizations have taken into account in their decision-making the impact of our eating choices on our environment and food security.

“There are many aspects of a whole food plant-based diet that would greatly assist in achieving sustainability and food security,” Hauchon continues. He cites drastically reducing the consumption of meat and dairy products as one of the most important changes toward a more sustainable lifestyle, as well as reducing our overall consumption of fishery products.

Hauchon says, “I do not believe that our planet can continue to feed a growing population with such an environmentally expensive diet – that is a diet with meat, dairy and fish at the center stage of almost every meal. He added that the meat or dairy industry has wasted vital resources such as water, land and soil, without considering the pollution it generates.

“As for the sea, it is crying for mercy and about to turn into a no fish land if we continue the over-exploitation of its resources. We need to give it a break,” he says.

Hauchon believes that if you really love meat, eating less of it and choosing a better quality is a good way to start, while enjoying some plant-based meals as often as possible.

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Fivelements Curry Laksa - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Fivelements Habitat

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