Preidlhof, A Renowned Wellness Retreat in Italy, Offers A New Wellbeing Experience

Preidlhof Yoga Retreat Italy - Destination Deluxe
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After months of lockdowns and social distancing, the famous wellness retreat in Italy, Preidlhof, has reopened to welcome guests with an upgraded experience that highlights its steadfast commitment to research, innovation, and wellness

The resort’s revamp has been overseen by award-winning Spa Director, Designer, and Transformational Wellness Coach Patrizia Bortolin. Having arrived here in late 2019, Bortolin spent the last year developing a pioneering new wellness concept called “The Preidlhof Way.” The 360-degree experience includes new signature rituals at the spa, a focused food philosophy, and upgraded facilities and public areas, and the property’s first Preidlhof cosmetic line. For the first time, the resort now includes a pioneering wellness approach with its new retreats, transforming or healing on a spiritual, emotional, physical, energetic, and social level, with a result-oriented approach.

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Photo: Courtesy of Preidlhof

Family Heritage 

Preidlhof is privately owned and has been in the same family for over 50 years. The second generation now oversees the day-to-day operation, but the first generation is still involved, as is the third generation.

The wellness retreat in Italy consists of four buildings with varying architectural and interior design styles acquired from different phases of development over the years. The main building, which houses the reception, restaurants and suites, opened in 2017. Its creative design is glamorous, romantic and playful, inviting guests to celebrate, enjoy and savor. The second building, once the main house, is more classical in design (both externally and internally), featuring a stunning contemporary infinity rooftop pool which opened in 2018.

Unveiled in 2014, the beautiful contemporary six-floor Sauna-Wellness Tower is the perfect setting for luxurious but natural wellness experiences and offers a remarkable menu of wet, hot and cold experiences and signature relaxation areas. The Tower was built vertically to make the most of the panoramic 360-degree views of the surrounding orchards, valley and mountains. The owner commissioned a geomantic report to inform the building’s precise placement, angle and design. Scoring an exceptional rate on the Bovis scale, the Sauna Tower is situated in a natural high-energy field.

New Ways to Relax & Refresh

After the stresses of a global pandemic, most of us are primed for a chance to relax, revitalize, and indulge in a holistic wellness experience. That’s why the highlights of Preidlhof’s new makeover are the transformational retreats and its wellness philosophy, “The Preidlhof Way”. Preidlhof has curated a series of 12 new signature retreats that offer immersive wellness. Each retreat caters to both hedonism – an appreciation for beauty and life – and eudaemonic tendencies, the contentedness that comes with finding meaning and purpose.

Guests looking for a complete wellness transformation can opt for retreats like “Integrated Healing,” “Transformational Journey,” and “Glowing Flow”. But, those looking to address specific concerns can choose targeted retreats that will help them reach their goals, whether it’s weight loss, sleeping better, or dealing with menopause. Whichever program they choose, guests will enjoy a thoroughly bespoke experience. Alongside meal plans, spa treatments, and expert consultations, all retreats also involve a variety of activities, including mindfulness sessions, mindful eating practices, dance therapy, forest bathing, barefoot meditation, and yoga.

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New Looks and Amenities

Part of the overhaul, new facilities include the Wellness VIP Lounge, and a dedicated wellness restaurant. Created for guests on health programs and retreats, the contemporary restaurant features eco-friendly decor in clean, white shades. Each table enjoys exquisite views over the surrounding valley; the multisensory dining experience is enhanced by a curated playlist designed to support mindful eating, and the scent of fresh flowers and herbs.

The Preidlhof Spa has also been made over to elevate the guest experience. The 12 treatment rooms are spacious oases dressed in soothing shades and natural light; there’s even a private Spa Suite for couples. 

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Preidlhof Wellness Retreat in Italy - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Preidlhof

A New Oasis of Wellness

A big part of the makeover is a revamp of Preidlhof’s renowned spa and common areas, where guests can now enjoy new and improved signature rituals and amenities alongside a sleek new look. There is a whole new outdoor pool area with three new whirlpools and a solarium Mediterranean corner.

One of the standout offerings at the spa is the “Glowing Flow Treatment” which won “Holistic Treatment of the Year” in the 2020 Destination Deluxe Awards. This unique ritual, created by award-winning therapist Stefano Battaglia, combines refined bodywork techniques – including Trauma Touch Skills – and meditation to release emotional blocks, anxiety, and imbalances in the body. Guests can indulge in this one-of-a-kind treatment as a standalone offering, or as part of a more intense wellness overhaul with the 5-day “Glowing Flow Retreat” or 5, 7, or 10-day “Integrated Healing Retreat.”

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Preidlhof Glowing Flow Holistic Treatment of the Year 2020 Shortlist - Destination Deluxe
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Inspired by the elements of Water and Fire, the spa features six swimming pools along with five hot tubs and hydrotherapy pools. Slip into the Infinity Saltwater pool for a rejuvenating soak with sweeping valley and mountain view or enjoy the glamor and whimsy of “The Fifties” indoor pool, which is inspired by the fun 1950s and features spa pods and swing loungers. To up the wellness factor, try the outdoor saltwater infinity pool and Kneipp path (hot and cold water), or ease muscle tension in the hydrotherapy pool. While you’re here, see if you can find the hidden Mediterranean pool and sauna, a new addition for 2021.

Round out your spa experience at Preidlhof’s Sauna Tower. This temple of wellness features 16 sauna, steam, and relaxation experiences, including meditation cabins, salt rooms, Turkish baths, and the world’s only Deep Sea Relaxation Room. With all this, breathtaking natural views and a unique location within a natural high-energy field, you’d be hard-pressed to leave anything less than thoroughly relaxed.

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Preidlhof Spa Lounge - Destination Deluxe
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Beauty by Science

Understanding that beauty is more than just skin deep, Bortolin has guided the creation of  a proprietary line of professional cosmeceuticals (these are used only in the treatment rooms as the signature facials) – skincare and cosmetics that are powered by science to create beautiful skin from the inside out. Each product boasts a high concentration of active ingredients that deliver visible, long-lasting results – they’re also suitable for all skin types and are vegan as well as free from parabens, paraffin, SLS, and SLEs.

By June 2021, the in-room cosmetic experience will launch with natural amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and scrub, inspired by the Mediterranean flair that the location emanates. In late 2021, Preidlhof is also debuting an exclusive retail only cosmetics line, certified Cosmos Nature, made in Italy and designed for safe and daily use.

The Facial Menu offers the famous signature face experience featuring the Su-Man method, developed by celebrity facialist and skincare pioneer Su-Man, and a reactive-delicate skin dedicated facial and healing treatment developed in collaboration with Terme di Comano. These powerful products harness the benefits of thermal water for the effective treatment of a range of skin conditions.

Preidlhof Treatment - Destination Deluxe
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Nourishing Beauty from the Inside

“The Preidlhof Way”, a major part of Bortolin’s overhaul, includes a focus on nutrition, with guests learning to eat for lifelong health. Instead of simply offering guests a healthy meal plan while in residence, the property emphasizes mindful eating practices and sensorial analysis that visitors can continue after they leave. Through a series of personalized sessions, guests are given the tools they need to find pleasure in nutrition by learning to assess their hunger, chew properly, understand how and when to eat, and how to smell, taste, and describe food to enhance enjoyment. 

The award-winning restaurant at Preidlhof focuses on Mediterranean cuisine inspired by the culture and traditions of South Tyrol. A farm-to-fork approach to food means guests can enjoy homemade delicacies and homemade ingredients such as air-dried South Tyrolean speck, herbs from the property’s kitchen garden, and homemade jams and honey from the onsite orchards and bee farm. The real highlight in 2021, though, is the new Wellness Healing Gourmet Menu designed for Preidlhof by international renowned Healing Chef, Giorgione originally from the area, with resident Chef and Preidlhof‘s Doctor. Using seasonal produce, the seven-course menu is almost completely wholefood and plant-based and appeals to all the senses without the need for gluten, lactose, egg, soy, or sugar. Guests will find a daily signature mindful eating inspiration on the table. 

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Discover Wellness at Preidlhof in 2022

With a wealth of new experiences and amenities that are manifestations of “The Preidlhof Way,” the immersive resort is set to help guests undergo an incredible transformation with its 360-degree wellness concept. From effective spa rituals, healing sessions, powerful skincare treatments, and enriching eating practices to tranquil relaxation spaces, communing with nature, and expert practitioners, guests will leave rejuvenated and in control of their future wellness.