Pure Group Launches Pure Online for On-Demand Fitness

Pure Online Classes Fitness Yoga Wellness - Destination Deluxe
Enjoy yoga, fitness, and nutrition classes anytime, anywhere with the newly launched PURE Online portal

Hong Kong’s premium wellness provider with more than 20 years of experience, PURE Group, has launched a new interactive online platform filled with over 400 diverse, on-demand yoga and fitness video classes taught by PURE Group’s internationally certified instructors. PURE Online is a bilingual English-Chinese online video platform designed to support and grow the global workout community. Users can access world-class video content on demand with a single touch and be guided by experienced teachers through PURE Online’s 360° wellness platform.

Pure Online Yoga Classes - Destination Deluxe
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This new digital-first, on-demand yoga, fitness, and nutrition platform is powered by AI technology, offering you the flexibility to build your progressive fitness and wellness journey in a way that fits your busy schedule so you can stretch your mind and your body whenever and wherever you need it. The online platform utilizes AI motion tracking to help users improve their performance and perfect their workouts. PURE is proud to be a pioneer in innovative fitness offerings and is committed to bringing the best and latest classes and services to help people lead happier, healthier, and more balanced lives.

According to PURE, by harnessing the power of AI, PURE Online users can elevate their experience and get fit the right way, independently. A fun gamification element allows users to keep score of their points, allowing them to track workouts to boost performance and challenge themselves to perform better each time. 

Pure Online Fitness Classes - Destination Deluxe
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Whether you are a stay-at-home parent wanting to take a break, a frequent flier in the middle of a business trip, or a working professional waiting on that last work call for the night, PURE Online has an extensive range of content for everyone. Browse the comprehensive range of content available, from classes to series across various styles, levels ,and durations, and select the one that matches your wellness needs. Through PURE Online, you will be guided by an international team of seasoned professionals to inspire your journey.

Classes are designed for a wide range of skill levels, with 21 new yoga and fitness videos uploaded every week. Find recently released content that best fits your wellness goals, and choose from short and easy-to-follow content to longer workouts to work up a sweat. Each series is a compilation of videos created by PURE’s expert team to cater to your personal needs. These specially developed sequences help you derive the essence of the exercise and experience their well-rounded benefits.

Pure Online Classes - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Pure


Yoga for Moms (35 – 45 mins): This special series aims to encourage moms to prioritize their health and wellbeing. With a focus on mind and body connection, the class will bring special attention to alignment, with specific asanas that restore health to the body.
Travel Well with Yoga (10 – 15 mins): Experience PURE Yoga in the sky via six yoga and meditation videos focusing on healing and rehabilitating the body during travel. 
Sound Meditation for Stress and Anxiety (30 mins): Immerse yourself in a journey of universal sound vibrations designed to enhance sleep, bring calmness to the mind, remove negative energy from the body, and improve the immune system.
Fitness (40 – 50 mins): Improve your physical strength via the Total Body Conditioning workout, or get a full body stretch in the Vinyasa yoga session to awaken your inner flow.
Nutrition Tips (< 5 mins): Learn bite-sized lessons on the go such as how to read nutrition labels, how to eat smart when dining out, or how to choose whey protein for muscle building.
Early bird offer:
Get 50% off PURE Online packages when you sign up to receive unlimited access to all on-demand classes. With an optional add-on at HK$38 a month, you can also unlock a premium AI experience covering over 200 classes.
PURE Online Basic subscription prices are:
  • 1-month: HK$78
  • 6-month: HK$428
  • 12-month: HK$768