2-Night Raffles Wellness Retreat – Raffles Udaipur | India

Price available upon request

Raffles Udaipur, a sanctuary of opulence nestled amidst the enchanting Aravalli hills and the tranquil Udai Sagar Lake, invites discerning guests to embark on a transformative journey into serenity with the all-new Wellness Package. This new experiential wellness package offers an exquisite blend of luxury, emotional wellbeing, and physical rejuvenation. At Raffles Udaipur, wellness extends beyond the spa. Delve into a holistic wellness experience with sessions led by the in-house yoga expert, guiding you towards balance and tranquility. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the surrounding nature with specially curated nature trails, offering a serene escape into the heart of the Aravalli hills.

Raffles Udaipur, committed to nurturing not only the body but also the soul, weaves the thread of emotional wellbeing through every facet of the Raffles Spa and beyond. Guests depart feeling revitalized, harmonized, and deeply indulged.


  • Introducing the Singing Bowl Massage, a rare gem within the bespoke offerings of the Raffles Spa. This opulent treatment transcends traditional spa experiences, orchestrating a symphony of emotional wellbeing and physical relaxation. Commence your 90-minute opulent odyssey with a 15-minute session of exquisite singing bowl vibrations, strategically placed on the chakras along the back. The gentle resonance sets the stage for a 60-minute massage, a sublime fusion of expert touch and the therapeutic sounds of the singing bowl. The culmination of this immersive experience includes an additional 15 minutes of singing bowl therapy on the front, guaranteeing a lavish 30-minute rendezvous with this unique modality.
  • Culinary indulgence takes center stage with mindful meals crafted by the chef, utilizing farm-to-table produce for a gastronomic journey that not only delights the palate but also nourishes the body and mind. Each dish is a celebration of flavors and wellness, ensuring a dining experience that complements your overall journey of rejuvenation.
  • Beyond the Singing Bowl Massage, guests can continue their opulent wellness journey with existing yoga and meditation programs, nature trails, and mindful meals. Set against the backdrop of our mystical oasis, Raffles Udaipur promises an unrivaled escape where the expert care of the Raffles Spa professionals’ merges seamlessly with the tranquil surroundings.