Raffles Udaipur

Where timeless luxury meets royal heritage at the Udai Sagar Lake

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Raffles Udaipur, island property in the Udai Sagar Lake, offers a luxurious escape amidst the rich cultural heritage of Udaipur, India. With its opulent architecture inspired by the royal palaces of Rajasthan, the resort exudes grandeur and elegance. Guests can indulge in world-class amenities including sumptuous dining experiences, rejuvenating spa treatments, and bespoke services tailored to create unforgettable memories. Raffles Udaipur promises a harmonious blend of tradition and sophistication, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in the timeless allure of Udaipur’s royal


At Raffles Spa, guests embark on a journey of rejuvenation and holistic wellness, where ancient ayurvedic traditions meet contemporary therapies to nurture both emotional and physical wellbeing. They also have retreats such as the Raffles Udaipur wellness retreat, that offer total relaxation to guests. The spa’s serene ambiance, complemented by six luxurious treatment rooms including a Presidential Couples Suite with panoramic lake views, sets the stage for transformative experiences. Inspired by the sacred lotus flower and the principles of ayurveda, personalized treatments aim to restore balance and harmony, guiding guests towards mindfulness and inner peace. From meditation retreats to sustainable practices that honor the surrounding environment, every aspect of Raffles Spa is meticulously crafted to foster a sense of holistic rejuvenation and emotional wellbeing.


Raffles Udaipur stands as a testament to architectural magnificence and historical resonance, nestled amidst the serene landscapes and timeless heritage of Rajasthan. Surrounding the resort, the Udai Sagar Lake, fed by the Ahar River, offers a picturesque backdrop, while the iconic Dam commissioned by Maharana Udai Singh in 1559 adds historical significance. The resort’s architectural splendor is further enhanced by its Baroque Gardens, Illustrious Obelisks, and Polo Garden, each reflecting a blend of cultural influences and natural beauty. The presence of the mythical Sphinx guards the estate, symbolizing protection and elegance. Within the resort, the Grand Hall and signature Writers Bar embody grandeur and refinement, while tales of love and adventure add a touch of romance to the rich tapestry of Raffles Udaipur’s architecture and history.


  • A nature-immersed resort ideal for families, providing a perfect getaway for all ages to enjoy.
  • The resort provides extensive spa and wellness programs 


At Raffles Udaipur, the 101 rooms and suites offer spacious accommodations starting at about 670 square-feet, some featuring private gardens and pools. For those seeking breathtaking views and tranquility, all rooms offer breath-taking views of the lake and captivating sunsets. Their gracious Raffles Butlers are on hand 24/7, ready to elevate your hotel experience to the sublime. Relax. Indulge. Enjoy.


Guests are treated to a culinary journey through six diverse dining venues, highlighted by the acclaimed Sawai Restaurant. Each dining experience promises an exquisite fusion of flavors, with menus crafted from the finest ingredients and spices. From innovative twists on contemporary favorites to authentic dishes steeped in India’s rich culinary heritage, our restaurants offer a tantalizing array of gastronomic delights to satisfy every palate.

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