RAKxa – Fully Integrative Wellness & Medical Retreat

Located on the shores of the Chao Phraya River near Bangkok, technology meets tradition at RAKxa to give you a once-in-a-lifetime wellness and travel experience

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Located on Bangkok’s preserved ‘Green Lung’, an emerald oasis nestled along the Chao Phraya River, RAKxa delivers tailored wellness programs designed by world-class medical doctors and traditional healing experts. This ground-breaking enhanced wellness retreat is the first of its kind in Thailand and promises a fully transformative experience, with stays ranging from 1- and 2-day packages to personalized 14-day programs with long-term health goals in mind.

RAKxa’s programs include YOUR DNA, Long-Covid, Immunity Boosting, Detox, De-Stress, GUT Health, Mobilization, Weight Management, Facial & Body Solution and a Discover RAKxa program. 

RAKxa’s transformative experience begins at home and carries on long after guests leave, unearthing a complete blueprint of health that enables certified medical doctors from VitalLife, a subsidiary of Bumrungrad International Hospital, and holistic therapists to prescribe a precise treatment plan based on the packages available. VitalLife medical doctors work alongside experts of time-honored healing disciplines in RAKxa’s Holistic Wellness Centre, bringing science and tradition together. RAKxa’s holistic treatments span Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurvedic treatments and energy healing practices.


Embark on your journey towards optimal health, with the finest resources to guide you. Giving you access to different facilities that include the latest in advanced medical science equipment along with holistic and traditional healing tools, RAKxa’s wellness programs and concepts are designed to expedite and illuminate your path to health.

Visit RAKxa JAI, the Holistic Wellness Center, expert clinicians apply generations of healing wisdom to help you form a pathway of communication between the physical, emotional and spiritual to cultivate wellbeing from within. The result is a complete package that resets the body, recharges energy, rejuvenates and revitalizes your life.

The VitalLife Scientific Wellness Clinic is a great place to lay the foundation for continued health. Your specialist will identify unique areas of concern using cutting-edge diagnostics. Operating an array of modern technologies, specialists will create hyper-personalized treatments that are grounded in an evidence-based approach to wellness and a scientific understanding of your current state of health.

Perfect for any bespoke exercise routine, the Medical Gym, RAKxa GAYA, provides a place to develop movement, strength, and balance by drawing upon technology, functional medicine, and the science of movement to tailor holistic exercise routines for you. Designed to promote longevity and healthier habits, specialized trainers create a bespoke training plan that blends results-oriented exercises, both modern and traditional, for a well-rounded regimen targeting personal goals and body mastery.


RAKxa offers all-encompassing treatments that cover all dimensions of the self, helping you build wholesome routines and practices, creating and reaching goals that move you ever closer to optimal wellbeing. Treatments that specialize in immunity health, mobilization, de-stress, balance, gut health, detox, and weight management wait for you to indulge with professionally trained health and wellness advisors who are there to guide you through the RAKxa treatment process before, during, and after your journey. Blending medical science with holistic, traditional therapies, RAKxa provides treatment packages that paint a picture of your health and guide you towards lifelong wellbeing and vitality.

Retreats range from one-day packages to 14-day programs. Areas of focus include immunity boost, covid recovery, DNA testing, face and body solutions, mobilization, de-stress, detox, gut health, and weight management.


  • Ideal for guests who are new to the RAKxa experience, The “Discover RAKxa” treatment is a perfect way to experience a little bit of everything that RAKxa has to offer.
  • The personalization approach with its deep diagnostic tool to discover a guest’s health profile covers everything from vitamin levels, toxic metals, micronutrients, DNA analysis for potential health risks and more.
  • Unam, a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant inside RAKxa, champions organic ingredients, complemented by sustainable meats and seafood. Local organic produce, heirloom grains, sustainable wild-caught seafood and grass-fed organic meats are the stars of the thoughtfully curated menus. Nutrition, nature, seasonality and sustainability are thoughtfully woven into menus, designed by health-conscious chefs to help your body eliminate harmful toxins and food causing inflammation and allergies while restoring a healthy balance.


  • The private presidential villas come with an in-residence treatment room and gym, and your health and wellness advisors come directly to you. Choosing the right place for you to stay is an important part of this wellness experience.
  • The retreat and all its surroundings provide a quiet space, relaxation, and wellbeing where you can awaken all your senses. 


An oasis within an oasis, RAKxa’s villas are designed to encourage deep rest and reflection. Each villa at RAKxa fosters deep relaxation, where unparalleled nature and living spaces make way for leisurely pursuits such as quiet reflection or private yoga. You may choose between a Garden Villa, tucked into a stretch of lush, tropical greenery, and the Pool Villa, which features a private pool set in a quiet habitat, surrounded by therapeutic nature and serene lakefront views.


RAKxa JAI offers extensive hydrothermal facilities to detox and unwind, including a vitality pool using hot and cold therapy, an ice-moon shower and a herbal steam room to cleanse the body and soothe the mind. 


November to February is usually drier with lower temperatures. 


The 3-Night Immunity Booster Package is listed at US$5,200 per person.

The 3-Night Long Covid Retreat is priced at US$5,279 per person.

A 5-Night Authentic Eastern Program (Cleanse & Purify) Package is priced at US$7,350 per person.


28/8 Moo 9
Bangnamphung Sub District
Phra Pradaeng District
Samut Prakan
+66 2055 3100