RAKxa – An Oasis for Integrative and Medical Wellness

RAKxa Bangkok Medical Retreat - Destination Deluxe
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Thailand’s first fully integrative wellness and medical retreat, RAKxa offers bespoke healing in a discrete “green lung” location near Bangkok

Nestled into a tropical island in Bangkok’s Chao Phraya river, RAKxa offers tailored wellness journeys infused with warm Thai hospitality and cutting-edge medical facilities. Taking a holistic approach, RAKxa pairs a tranquil environment with nutritious meals, ancient healing therapies, and world-class medical expertise to help guests reset their health and reach their goals.

Being SHA Plus certified (with approved Covid-19 health and preventative protocols in place and 70% or more of all employees fully vaccinated), RAKxa offers a full complement of wellness indulgences. The active can opt for nature trails, and movement classes. Those seeking relaxation can indulge in pampering treatments at the RAKxa JAI spa. And guests focusing on their nutrition can learn how to clean up their diets with specially designed dishes, cooking classes, and recipes to take home.

Rakxa Bangkok Thailand City Wellness Retreat - Destination Deluxe
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Thanks to a partnership with VitalLife Scientific Wellness Centre – part of Bangkok’s internationally renowned Bumrungrad Hospital – RAKxa offers a full suite of medical insights and treatments with a handpicked team of specialist doctors.

Journeys at RAKxa begin before arrival with consultations with a personal Health & Wellness Advisor. By ascertaining each guest’s state of health, the advisor will identify the most appropriate packages and treatments to create a bespoke program to help guests reach their wellness goals.

On arrival, internationally-certified specialists and analysts will run a series of diagnostic assessments. These comprehensive tests cover everything from DNA and epigenetics to gut microbiome, micronutrients, and hormones and lay the foundations for RAKxa’s tailored approach.

RAKxa Wellness Bangkok - Destination Deluxe
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Marrying modern technology with ancient healing traditions, the RAKxa JAI spa offers highly effective treatments that are designed to balance the mind, body, and soul. Rituals at draw on the sacred knowledge of different cultural disciplines.

Elements of Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM) are rooted in time-honored knowledge that has been passed down through the generations and used to treat the Thai Royal Family from the time of King Rama II. RAKxa’s TTM practitioners offer traditional Thai therapeutic and oil massages, female care, stress relief, and even beauty care.


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TCM Moxhibustion RAKxa Wellness Retreat Thailand - Destination Deluxe
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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is also part of the wellness offerings at RAKxa and is inspired by healing practices that go back over 2,000 years. Harnessing the power of Qi, the body’s vital energy, RAKxa’s TCM treatments aim to create harmony between the body’s internal and external worlds by balancing the “yin” and “yang.” TCM experts here offer treatments such as acupuncture, herbal remedies, tai chi, and qigong.

India’s ancient Ayurveda practices, which date back over 5,000 years, are also incorporated into RAKxa’s offerings and are designed to balance the three doshas, or bodily energies. The center’s Ayurvedic doctors combine different disciplines such as yoga, meditation, breathing, diet, and herbal remedies to boost circulation, regulate digestion, improve skin and body tone, and stimulate the body’s self-healing capabilities.

Whichever treatment guests indulge in at RAKxa, the spa offers a lush oasis with tropical fauna overlooking a tranquil lagoon. Sessions here go a long way to healing the body, soothing the mind, and creating a sense of total calm.

Wellness Medical Retreat RAKxa - Destination Deluxe
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Another important element of RAKxa’s retreats is physical therapy. RAKxa GAYA has a team of expert physiotherapists and personal trainers to ensure long-lasting physical corrective care. To start, guests undergo a comprehensive analysis with state-of-the-art technology such as Keiser, InBody, and Technogym. RAKxa’s experts will then develop individualized training regimes to offer corrective exercise, performance rehab, and neuromuscular training.

This specialist training aims to improve the connection between the brain, muscles, and nerves to improve movement, muscle memory, strength, and balance. As a result, many guests experience greater overall functionality that aligns with their overall wellness goals.

RAKxa Cryotherapy Wellness Retreat Thailand - Destination Deluxe
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Most wellness experts will tell you that health begins on the inside. Informed by this belief, RAKxa offers carefully curated menus built around an anti-inflammatory philosophy that eliminates toxins from the body.

RAKxa Wellness Retreat Healthy Food - Destination Deluxe
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Dishes at RAKxa use only the finest natural ingredients and are created by chefs with expertise in health-conscious cooking. Nothing is off the table here, so guests will enjoy a range of options from fruits and vegetables, meats and seafood, nutrient-rich carbs and grains – and, of course, heavy lashings of essential superfoods.

To ensure that guests are given the tools to make healthy lifestyle changes, RAKxa’s chefs run live demonstrations and cooking classes, and offer step-by-step recipes, so that guests can recreate these healthful dishes at home. 

Wellness Medical Retreat Bangkok Thailand RAKxa - Destination Deluxe
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RAKxa offers a full range of retreat programs designed to address different concerns. And, each can be customized so that they meet every guest’s particular needs. No matter which one guests choose, they can rest assured that their program will offer a full understanding of their health and empower them to take control of their wellness.

The flagship Discover RAKxa program helps guests to achieve long-term health by enhancing energy levels and metabolism and teaching strategies and treatments for stress relief and improved bodily function. The popular Detox program – especially relevant in the post-pandemic world – enlists the expertise of RAKxa’s doctors and wellness practitioners to eliminate toxins from the body with innovative technology and cleansing cuisine.

Integrative Medical Retreat Thailand RAKxa - Destination Deluxe
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The center also offers a Weight Management Program that takes guests’ genotype, lifestyle, and body type into account to create long-term weight management strategies; De-Stress packages that release tension and restore balance with massage therapy and mindfulness activities; Gut Health journeys that heal from the inside out; and Mobilisation retreats that address mobility and posture issues and offer post-operative rehabilitation.

Offering a 360-degree approach to health that takes each guest’s particular concerns and goals into account, RAKxa offers fully integrative wellness journeys in a tranquil tropical setting, just a stone’s throw from Bangkok.


Wellness Retreat Bangkok Thailand RAKxa - Destination Deluxe
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RAKxa Long Covid Retreat - Destination DeluxeRAKxa’s 3-Night Authentic Eastern program aims to restore and rebalance your health to ensure your physical and mental wellbeing are at their optimum level. A comprehensive and integrated blend of eastern remedies, therapeutic massages, and physiotherapy, this program purposively cleanses toxins from your body and resets your immune system.