Mobilization Program at RAKxa this July

Rakxa Mobilization Program - Destination Deluxe
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Achieve Optimal Mobility with RAKxa's Three-Stage Mobilization Program this July

Whether you are looking to incorporate more physical activity into your routine, address pain resulting from lifestyle habits, or rehabilitate past injuries, RAKxa’s Mobilization program on 15 July 2023, offers just the solution.

Senior fitness instructor James Jirapat Pongsalee, a certified sports scientist at RAKxa GAYA will walk you through the right body position, posture, and alignment before workout to set the foundation of movement, allow targeted muscles to work efficiently, reduce the risk of injuries and unlock your unique type of body potential.

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Optimal mobility holds different meanings for everyone. Some just want to increase daily activities from their sedentary habits, while some find it as a way to overcome physical discomfort and promote relaxation through stretching or mindfulness exercises such as yoga and tai chi. And for those recovering from injuries, it’s about resuming functions and strength through exercises and therapy.


Mobility is more than the movements of body parts; it is a dynamic and coordinated interaction of the entire body. This can be accomplished through three fundamental stages: alignment, coordinated movement, and power development. Each stage plays a crucial role in maximizing physical mobility and overall performance.


This stage is about ensuring proper posture and alignment before you exercise. Good posture and alignment are essential because they allow for optimal biomechanics during movement. When your body is in a balanced position, it reduces unnecessary stress on your joints, muscles, and ligaments. This promotes efficient movement patterns and reduces the risk of injury. Proper alignment also ensures that your musculoskeletal system is in the best position to generate force, power, and mobility.

In this stage, RAKxa offers a Biomechanics Analysis that helps identify any persistent problems, deviations, or imbalances in your body posture and alignment. With the information, specialists at RAKxa will then be able to provide targeted interventions, corrective exercises, and guidance to help you optimize your posture and alignment, setting a strong foundation for optimal mobility.

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Brain-muscle coordination, facilitated by the central nervous system (CNS), is another crucial aspect of mobility. The CNS serves as the foundation for all three pillars of movement – sensory input, brain reactions, and motor output – responsible for coordinating muscle contractions, movement initiation, and control. When your CNS is in sync, it sends signals to your muscles, enabling them to contract and relax smoothly and in a coordinated manner. This coordination enhances movement efficiency and precision, allowing for better overall mobility.

During this stage, the Active Brain Coordination Exercise, which focuses on activating your CNS, trains your brain and muscles to function together seamlessly. Additionally, the Personalized Corrective Exercise session helps to address your specific weaknesses or imbalances.


This stage is a vital component of achieving good mobility, as it focuses on developing strength and endurance. During this stage, you engage in exercises and activities that target muscular strength and endurance to enhance your overall physical performance.

Strength development increases the force-generating capacity of your muscles through weightlifting, resistance training, or bodyweight exercises; and endurance development improves your muscles’ ability to sustain prolonged activity through aerobic exercises like running, swimming, cycling, or HIIT which maximize your cardiovascular capability.

Tesla Former, a cutting-edge technology that utilizes electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscle growth, functions to improve your overall muscular strength. In just 30 minutes, it is believed to provide results comparable to completing 30,000 squats or sit-ups.

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Aside from the three stages, RAKxa also offers Cryotherapy, which involves the use of sub-zero temperatures to promote muscle recovery and reduce inflammation. It is suitable for all who experience muscle soreness after workout.

Not forgetting nutrition, UNAM Restaurant supports your journey towards optimal mobility and wellness with personalized dishes in alignment with your unique body’s needs. Embracing an anti-inflammatory approach, meals include lean protein for muscle repair, quality complex carbs for sustained energy, and essential vitamins and minerals.

WHEN:  15 July, 2023
TIME: 15:30 – 16:30 

  • Maximum 6 participants per activity
  • Advance booking required.
  • Any cancellations must be notified 24 hours prior to the activity time. Otherwise, a penalty charge of THB 1,500 will occur.