RAKxa’s Recovery and Immunity Retreats for Optimal Health

Rakxa Medical Retreats Thailand - Destination Deluxe
RAKxa, the island wellness oasis near Bangkok, is helping guests emerge from the pandemic with three programs designed to boost immunity, health, and mobility

As Thailand begins to lift its Covid-19 restrictions and ease its travel regulations, one of the country’s most renowned wellness havens is focusing on three recovery and immunity retreats to help guests work through some of the health issues they may be dealing with as a result of the pandemic.

Designed specifically for expats living in Thailand, RAKxa’s “Immunity Boosting Journeys” use a combination of consultations, alternative therapies, and anti-inflammatory cuisine to strengthen guests’ immunity before they embark on the rigors of travel in the post-Covid era. For those who have had Covid-19 and can’t seem to shake the lingering effects of “Long Covid” – or just need a little healing to put the pep back in their step, the retreat’s “Long Covid Recovery Programme” takes an integrative approach with natural therapies to boost respiratory function and fight inflammation. RAKxa’s third program, the “Mobilisation Retreat,” aims to address “Tech neck” and other mobility and posture issues that have become prevalent as a result of extended work-from-home mandates.

With its three highlighted retreats, RAKxa offers a full complement of targeted services that help alleviate three different issues that are a growing concern as the world emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic. Wellness warriors can simply pick the one that most closely addresses their needs and emerge from their stay with a new lease on life.

As with all RAKxa retreats, all the journeys begin with consultations with health professionals for optimized goal-setting and personalization. Each program also includes a daily menu of RAKxa’s wellness cuisine, which is guided by anti-inflammatory philosophies and helps eliminate harmful toxins and inflammation from the body.

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Immunity Boosters

After two years of strict border closures, many of us are eager to reconnect with the outside world. Of course, there is some trepidation about how this will work in the post-Covid world – especially about getting sick on your journey. To help prepare expats and Thai residents and support international travelers on their trips, RAKxa’s “Immunity Boosting Journeys” are designed to ensure optimal health while on the road.

Each immunity retreat includes doctor consultations, medical treatments from VitalLife, the wellness arm of the renowned Bumrungrad Hospital in Thailand, and alternative remedies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine. While here, guests will boost their immunity with VitalLife’s Immune Fight IV infusion, cryosaunatherapy, blood ozone treatments, and infrared therapy, while also improving their health with corrective exercises, cleansing massages, and more.

The programs can be delivered as designed or tailored to individual needs. Guests can also choose the length of their journey, starting with a one-day “A Day at RAKxa” and going up to a 14-night package that includes RAKxa’s “Detox”, “Destress”, and “Weight Management” programs.

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Long-Covid Recovery

Although many Covid patients recover well, a large number struggle with the repercussions of their illness for months. With its “Long Covid Recovery Programme”, RAKxa aims to reboot the respiratory system and reduce lingering inflammation in patients who have recovered from a bout of Covid-19. The integrative program uses natural remedies, traditional treatments, and cutting-edge technology to clear blockages and enhance the body’s energy flow, fill the lungs with oxygen, and heal damaged organs.

The retreat includes three nights in a Garden Villa, round-trip airport transfers, complimentary daily fitness and leisure activities, and access to the facilities that include hydrotherapy and vitality pools, steam rooms, saunas, and more. In addition, guests will enjoy RAKxa’s carefully calibrated wellness cuisine to further improve their wellbeing.

Alongside the health and doctor consultations, guests on the “Long Covid Recovery Programme” will have access to a range of assessments to help them analyze their wellbeing and numerous treatments that will work in tandem to restore their health.

The assessments include several lab tests to check cellular health and activity, and one physical movement assessment, while treatments include IV infusions, a session in a hyperbaric chamber, and some traditional remedies including acupuncture, Abhyanga, chakra balancing, and pranayama.

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Enhanced Mobilization

With work from home becoming de rigueur over the last two years, many of us have spent time huddled over our laptops for extended periods, and then trying to relax by hanging out on the couch watching Netflix. All in all, it’s been a bit of a disaster for our posture and mobility – even if you have been diligently trying to exercise at home or go out for walks. To address the issues of poor posture and reduced mobility, RAKxa created its “Mobilisation Retreat”.

Using the latest development in exercise and sports science, and incorporating physical therapy, performance recovery, and enhancement technologies, the retreat aims to help guests relieve chronic pain issues – like the dreaded “tech neck” – and focus their attention on achieving their health and fitness goals.

The program is offered as a five, seven, or 10-night retreat and is completely tailored to offer optimal rehabilitation, recovery, and mental health. As well as accommodation, transfers, wellness cuisine menus, complimentary use of the facilities, and medical assessments, guests will undergo specific treatments that focus on helping them relieve aches and pains and help them regain their mobility and flexibility. These will include physiotherapy, cryosauna sessions, body light therapy, infrared sauna sessions, hyperbaric chamber sessions, massages, acupuncture, yoga, and Pilates.

With three highly targeted wellness programs designed to address specific concerns that have arisen through the pandemic, RAKxa is giving guests the chance to find optimal wellbeing as they begin to re-engage with the world.


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RAKxa Long Covid Retreat - Destination DeluxeRAKxa’s 3-Night Authentic Eastern program aims to restore and rebalance your health to ensure your physical and mental wellbeing are at their optimum level. A comprehensive and integrated blend of eastern remedies, therapeutic massages, and physiotherapy, this program purposively cleanses toxins from your body and resets your immune system.