9-14 October 2024 | Bali, Indonesia

Ageless Beauty Retreat at Revivo Wellness Resorts (6 days / 5 nights)

At the Ageless Beauty Revivo Wellness Retreat, participants will delve into simple yet effective daily lifestyle strategies aimed at cultivating a sense of sexiness, confidence, and radiance from within. The retreat offers a holistic approach to personal transformation, encouraging participants to unleash their inner confidence and embrace their inner goddess, akin to JLo’s charisma.

The retreat program encompasses various facets of personal growth and wellness. Firstly, participants engage in a pre-retreat call with Beth to articulate their vision for a sexy, strong, and confident life. Upon arriving at Revivo in Bali, group activities facilitate powerful visioning exercises, aiding in the manifestation of the participants’ future selves.

Dietary guidance forms a crucial component of the retreat experience. A specially curated menu at Revivo is designed to reduce bloating and jumpstart healthier eating habits, particularly beneficial for addressing perimenopausal symptoms. Additionally, a cooking class introduces participants to Balinese-inspired clean foods, equipping them with recipes for continued clean eating practices.

Physical activity is emphasized through daily movement sessions encompassing yoga, weight lifting, dance-based fitness, and outdoor activities like walking and swimming. Participants are encouraged to find activities that resonate with them, fostering a commitment to daily exercise beyond the retreat.

Stress reduction techniques, including meditation and breathing exercises, are integrated into the daily schedule to promote mental calmness and alleviate anxiety. Participants learn practical methods for incorporating these practices into their daily lives post-retreat.

Sleep hygiene and self-care rituals are prioritized, with discussions on establishing restful sleep routines and indulging in nurturing self-care practices. Group sessions include yoga nidra, restorative yoga, and sound baths to facilitate better sleep quality.

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Retreat Includes:

  • 5 nights Single or Double Accommodation in a Garden or Courtyard Suite
  • Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner from REVIVO’s Organic VITAL Kitchen
  • Return Airport transfers with VIP meet and Greet service
  • Welcome drink on arrival & In-room Daily fruit basket
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access throughout the resort.
  • Complimentary use of 25 m lap pool, hot & cold plunge pools, jacuzzi, steam room, infra-red detox sauna and gym.
  • Daily Morning Group Yoga and Mindfulness class
  • 1 x 60 min Spa treatments per person per stay
  • Daily Workshops with Beth
  • Healthy Cooking Class with Beth and REVIVO’s Chef Joshua
  • Half Day Eco Tour

Not Included:

  • Flights to Bali


practitioner beth - revivo wellness retreats

Beth Kruger

Beth Kruger facilitates wellness retreats and experiences for women over 40 that focus on four core pillars of a healthy lifestyle: nutritious food, movement, stress reduction, and relationships. The transformative experiences she offers support the transitions of midlife by normalizing and celebrating the aspects of living well, aging with grace and purpose, and gaining wisdom and confidence in a female body surrounded by a culture obsessed with youth’s physical appearance.

Having worked with women since 2005, initially as a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher, Beth Kruger transitioned to become a birth educator in 2010, assisting women in advocating for themselves and their birth experiences, which she views as deeply transformative life events.

As a mentor and guide in hormone health, she understands firsthand the challenges of prioritizing one’s needs over others. Having experienced toxic relationships and feeling trapped by circumstances and choices, she entered her 40s with a history of broken relationships. Experiencing symptoms like night sweats, hot flashes, and insomnia, along with heightened anxiety, she took charge of her health. Making significant lifestyle changes, including adjustments to diet, reduced alcohol intake, modified exercise routines, and a necessary shift in romantic relationships, she found empowerment and transformation. Now, after prioritizing her own needs and making uncomfortable changes, she feels stronger and more confident, with a supportive partner by her side. Her desire is to empower others to navigate their 40s and 50s with confidence, feeling powerful and unstoppable as they redefine their lives and desires. She encourages those considering the Bali experience to schedule a call with her to ensure it’s a perfect fit for them.


WHERE: Revivo Resorts, Bali Indonesia
WHEN: 9 – 14 October 2024 (6 Days / 5 Nights)
ACCOMMODATION: Single / Double Occupancy
FOOD:The menu has been carefully designed by REVĪVŌ to offer a selection of healthy gourmet recipes made with seasonal ingredients to meet our guest’s nutritional needs. The focus is on high protein dishes, which have a balanced amount of healthy fats, are low in carbs and free from gluten – with a Balinese twist. Using the finest organic ingredients, the Nūtriō programme supports local farmers, sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly products. There are no additives, preservatives or refined or processed ingredients in any of the dishes. We can cater for Raw, Vegan, Dairy/Gluten free, Vegetarian and Keto diets.
PRICE: Starts at USD 3,200
TO BOOK: revivoresorts.com


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