Spa L’Occitane Launches New Sensory Experience with Listen & Feel Massage

Spa L'Occitane Listen & Feel Massage - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Spa L'Occitane
Spa L'Occitane presents the Listen & Feel Massage, an innovative 45-minute body therapy that synergizes sound therapy

Massages are conventionally viewed as remedies for weary muscles and bodily aches, but there’s a broader picture to grasp. The success of spas can be attributed to their holistic, immersive experiences that include soothing music, luxurious towels, aromatherapy, and skilled masseurs. Now, imagine enhancing this experience to heal not only the physical body but also the soul.

Spa L’Occitane presents the Listen & Feel Massage, an innovative 45-minute body therapy that synergizes sound therapy, Shiatsu-inspired techniques, and L’Occitane’s natural products into a rejuvenating, multisensory journey. Crafted to cater to all genders and ages, this treatment promotes self-exploration, buoyed by a bespoke musical composition that resonates with the massage strokes. Conceived in collaboration with the multi-instrumentalist Anthony Bui, the personalized soundscape is amplified by binaural sounds and a healing frequency of 432 Hz, promoting deep relaxation and realignment with one’s innate rhythms. This is not a mere massage – it’s an immersive, dreamlike voyage towards serenity, recharging both mind and body and fostering deep relaxation and wellbeing.

Spa L'Occitane Listen and Feel Massage - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Spa L’Occitane


Sound therapy, an age-old practice steeped in the traditions of numerous cultures, wields the profound power to transport the mind and influence our wellbeing. One of its core elements, binaural sounds, refers to the auditory processing of different frequencies in each ear, which the brain synchronizes to produce a third frequency – the binaural beat. This auditory phenomenon creates an immersive three-dimensional experience, known for its salutary effects on both body and mind. Binaural sounds can foster creativity and focus, induce relaxation and meditation, and even influence physiological functions such as breathing and heart rate. They have demonstrated effectiveness in stress reduction, sleep quality improvement, and fostering mental tranquility, helping to unlock one’s full potential.

Sound therapy has been embraced by various cultures worldwide. For instance, the Chinese gong, a ceremonial instrument in ancient China, also played a role in traditional Chinese medicine. Its profound vibrations are believed to promote emotional harmony and enhance energy circulation. The ocean drum, an Australian percussion instrument, reproduces the relaxing sound of waves, stimulating energy circulation and restoring bodily and mental harmony.

Recently, the Tibetan bowl or ‘Singing Bowl’ originating from the Himalayas has gained notable attention. Crafted from a blend of seven metals, including gold, silver, and pewter, it is traditionally used during meditation. Its rich, deep sound when struck with a mallet is known to promote relaxation and restore the body and mind’s harmony. These examples demonstrate how sound therapy’s diverse techniques have been utilized globally for their healing and harmonizing effects.

Spa L'Occitane Sensory Treatment Listen Feel Massage - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Spa L’Occitane


Get to know the dedicated masters who have put their all into crafting this treatment.

Sensory Savant, Lydie Martin for L’OCCITANE

Lydie Martin, a wellness specialist for L’Occitane, has pioneered the Listen & Feel Massage. Having been with L’Occitane since 2013, her affinity for practices related to well-being and better living, coupled with her interests in areas like aromatherapy, lithotherapy, naturopathy, and music, led her to create this innovative treatment. The Listen & Feel Massage draws inspiration from the powerful effects of music and touch, especially the pressure techniques found in Shiatsu, aiming to rebalance the body’s energy flow, relieve tension, and reduce stress. “We exist in a world where individuals have an escalating need to reconnect with themselves, to release, and to progress towards tranquility and serenity in their everyday lives,” she asserts.

Working in close collaboration with the composer, Anthony Bui, and other well-being experts from L’Occitane, they meticulously fine-tuned each step of the treatment. Their goal was to determine the precise instruments, frequencies, and binaural sounds to incorporate at each stage, based on their vibration and emotional impact, creating a uniquely holistic experience that promotes grounding and self-reconnection.

Sonic Synergy, Anthony Bui for L’OCCITANE

Anthony Bui, a French composer, musician, and lover of classical music, brings his extensive background to the table. From violin to guitar, piano, drums, and cello, his diverse musical experiences have shaped his creative approach. His childhood memories of Provence and Corsica were instrumental in aligning his creative process with the essence of L’Occitane, resulting in a composition that harmonizes perfectly with the Listen & Feel Massage treatment.

Ultimately, the 432 Hertz frequency, which resonates more closely with the body and heart, became a crucial element of the composition. Anthony’s expertise in blending this frequency with the healing aspects of the treatment has made the Listen & Feel Massage a total immersive experience, promising a journey of relaxation and self-discovery.

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Spa L'Occitane Serenity - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Spa L’Occitane


Embarking on the Listen & Feel Massage is akin to setting sail on an expedition towards inner harmony and rejuvenation, drawing inspiration from the guiding principles of Sound Therapy. This comprehensive treatment unfolds across three distinct, meticulously designed phases:

Phase 1: Grounding & Energetic Cleansing – The journey begins with a breathing ritual that incorporates the soothing aroma of Cocon de Serenité’s essential oils. Sound vibrations permeate the room, immersing you in Alpha waves known for inducing a meditative state. The tranquil melodies of Tibetan bowls and Koshi chimes pair with the therapist’s skilled touch to release tension.

Phase 2: Balance & Emotional Regeneration – The treatment progresses with Shiatsu-inspired techniques combined with Theta and Delta waves, promoting deep relaxation. The melodies of the Chinese gong and sacred drum harmonize with the therapist’s movements, fostering a profound sense of well-being.

Phase 3: Elevation & Revitalization of Energies – The final phase integrates the ocean drum’s frequencies with the crystalline sounds of Koshi chimes to foster mindfulness. As more dynamic massage techniques are employed, you gradually awaken, your body and mind revitalized.

As the treatment concludes, the journeyer is gently guided back from their deep introspective voyage. The masseuse encourages the reawakening process by guiding the client through a final breathing exercise, their hands gently placed over the face. The invigorating notes of the essential oil blend, Souffle de Liberté, offer a refreshing surge, with the oils of Mint, Pine, Rosemary, and Lemon evoking the refreshing ambiance of the Provençal cliffs. As the body stirs and the eyes open to this metaphorical vista, the treatment concludes.

However, the rejuvenation process doesn’t end abruptly. Clients are encouraged to extend their tranquility, utilizing the relaxation area for further rest or to savor a hot beverage. This offers an additional moment to reflect on and appreciate this comprehensive, multi-sensory wellness journey.

Spa L'Occitane Listen & Feel Massage Treatment - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Spa L’Occitane


Throughout the Listen & Feel treatment, harmonious melodies and vibrations intertwine with the massage techniques, facilitating a reconnection with your inner self and a heightened awareness of your body’s intrinsic rhythms. The natural-based formulations from L’Occitane, crafted as a tribute to the beauty of Provence, amplify the holistic advantages of this sensory journey. As if enfolded in a soft, comforting cocoon, each phase of the treatment ushers you into a state of tranquility and escape. This unique experience transcends traditional relaxation, reaching deeper into the soul for a profound, transformative healing and enhanced well-being.


Spa L'Occitane Sensory Treatment - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Spa L’Occitane