Spa L’OCCITANE is Bringing Provençal Wellbeing to Spas Around the World

Spa L'OCCITANE Fields of Provence - Destination Deluxe
Inspired by the fields of Provence, Spa L’OCCITANE is an exquisite spa brand that marries thoughtful wellbeing and sensorial experiences in a range of restorative spa rituals that are sought after across the world

An extension of the L’OCCITANE brand, which focuses on effective, ingredient-driven skincare, Spa L’OCCITANE is all about taking guests on a transportive journey through rejuvenating treatments that combine carefully researched products and techniques. “It’s an immersive wellbeing concept inspired by the lifestyle and sunny soils of the south of France,” says Catherine Tran, the brand’s Global Spa Director.

One of Spa L’OCCITANE’s flagship destinations is Le Couvent des Minimes, a charming hotel and spa located in the tranquil mountaintop hamlet of Luberon, in southern France. The spacious Spa L’OCCITANE here is a true oasis of tranquility with six treatment rooms bathed in natural light and a menu of treatments that use authentic ingredients to showcase the local scents and Provençal art of living.

Spa L'OCCITANE Treatment - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Spa L’OCCITANE

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What sets Spa L’OCCITANE apart from other brands is its commitment to providing unparalleled wellbeing experiences that offer a 360° immersion driven by experts and science. “Our in-house research and development team is a real asset and allows us to guarantee safety with extensive testing and evaluation of our spa protocols, all of which is backed by science.” The brand also creates signature protocols for each of the partners they work with in order to create bespoke experiences. 

Spa L’OCCITANE specializes in facials, massages, and body treatments, all of which have been carefully developed by the brand’s in-house team. Popular facials, like the Immortelle Divine Secret, offer anti-aging benefits using the brand’s proprietary products, while area-focused treatments, such as the Almond Detoxifying Balance treatment, use Provence-sourced ingredients to help release tensions in particular parts of the body. The sense of touch is a key philosophy for the Spa L’OCCITANE brand, so all treatments are delivered by hand by expert therapists to enhance the efficacy of the brand’s active ingredients and formulas. 

One of the innovations at Spa L’OCCITANE is its sleep program, which many customers have used to improve their sleep quality*. One of the brand’s most popular treatments is the signature “Sleep & Reset” spa massage. This highly effective ritual is a 90-minute massage that uses a three-step process to prepare the body for the ultimate night’s sleep. The treatment begins with guided breathing and a blend of essential oils, includes a facial cleanse with L’OCCITANE products, before finally moving onto a full-body massage that purges negative energies from the body with soothing Balinese and Swedish massage techniques.

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Spa L'OCCITANE PROVENCE Flair - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Spa L’OCCITANE

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The pandemic has, of course, changed the wellbeing landscape. But Spa L’OCCITANE is well-placed to meet the needs of a new era in wellness. “Covid has brought a global awareness of the importance of wellbeing and its applications for emotional balance and health,” says Tran. Consumers are now also driven to search for quality, transparency, and sustainability in their consumption patterns; this includes wellness experiences, which is why the Spa L’OCCITANE brand stands ready to meet these new trends. “These observations have reinforced our position and credibility as a spa brand and accelerated our investment in innovation,” notes Tran. 

2021 is shaping up to be a year of innovation across industries, and Spa L’OCCITANE is taking advantage to introduce an array of new concepts. In the fall, the brand will present two new treatments. The “Power Nap” will be an extension of its sleep program, while the ever-popular “Aromachology Relaxing Massage” will be elevated with new scientific test results that have proven wellbeing improvements following the massage. 

Going forward Spa L’OCCITANE is looking to further elevate its wellbeing repertoire to offer an improved experience for guests. There will be more focus on holistic treatments inspired by alternative therapies, developments in the brand’s “Better Aging” programs, and consolidation of its “Sleep Benefits” program, which is one of the brand’s core spa innovations.

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SPA L'OCCITANE Men's Treatment - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Spa L’OCCITANE


In collaboration with Nirvana Hotels, Spa L’OCCITANE will also launch three new destination spas in Turkey. Located on the Turquoise Coast of Turkey’s Antalya province, Nirvana Cosmopolitan, Nirvana Mediterranean Excellence, and Nirvana Dolce Vita Luxury will each elevate their guest experience with the addition of a ME SPA by L’OCCITANE. These luxury wellness destinations will offer guests a taste of Provence in every aspect with bespoke multisensory rituals that combine exclusive techniques with products that are rich in natural and organic ingredients. All guest rooms and suites at the three hotels will also feature complimentary L’OCCITANE products. Turkey’s not the only country where the brand has set its sights, though. Later in the year, Spa L’OCCITANE will roll out several new destination spas in countries across the globe.

In a world where wellness is more than a trend, Spa L’OCCITANE continues to set itself apart with a unique, sensorial offering. In all its locations, it brings the scents and art de vivre of Provence to indulgent, rejuvenating spa treatments which are informed by science. The result is a holistic, immersive wellbeing experience that restores while transporting customers to southern France.

*Study conducted with the European Sleep Center in Paris