ELE|NA Elements of Nature at Ozen Reserve Bolifushi

The lush tropical surroundings and healing ocean breeze at Ozen Reserve Bolifushi offer the ideal environment to start your wellness journey

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Nestled between the turquoise ocean and the tropical foliage of the island, the spa provides an oasis of serenity. Inviting you to unwind, indulge, and embark on a wellness journey, you can pamper yourself with a rejuvenating massage, a scrub, a guided meditation session, or yoga on the beach.

Soothe your senses with rituals using ancient massage techniques and Ozen Reserve Bolifushi’s signature treatments based on a holistic method that incorporates the five natural elements wind, water, fire, earth, and wood. The treatments are all carried out by highly skilled international therapists using beautiful ila spa products. The spa also features a hairdresser and beauty salon, a spa boutique, and a photo lounge.


Everything you could want in an all-inclusive holiday to balance your wellbeing, the wellness program Wellness Your Way at Ozen Reserve Bolifushi includes holistic therapies and delicious plant-based food.

The wellness program is inspired by Ayurvedic principles and the five elements of nature – earth, water, wood, metal, and fire.

Along with its resident Ayurvedic Doctor, a team of Ayurvedic specialists, holistic therapists, energy healers, movement specialists, wellness experts, and nutritional professionals will guide you through a personalized wellness journey specific to your healing requirements and create a delicious meal plan with conscious nutrition mindfully curated. A committed homecare team will be ready to assist you in readjusting to life after the retreat, including wellness mindset mentoring, and your progress will be regularly tracked.


Wellness Your Way has been curated as three result-driven wellness journeys. You can choose between Wellness Seeker, Wellness Rendezvous, and Wellness Rejuvenation.


The Wellness Seeker journey is an introduction to wellness, where you will simply experience the treatments from the a la carte treatment menu.


For the Wellness Rendezvous journey the resident Ayurvedic Doctor will curate the most appropriate program for you. You will enjoy two or three hours a day of treatments or therapies while still being able to indulge on your luxury vacation. 


The Wellness Rejuvenation journey is a fully immersive wellness retreat where the resident Ayurvedic Doctor prescribes a healing program, which includes a delicious, personalized wellness food plan, wellness therapies, and wellness activities.


The spa features nine serene treatment rooms: five garden rooms and four overwater villas with glass window floor.


November to April is dry season, while May to November is considered Monsoon season.


  • Your villa will be transformed into a wellness villa as a part of the wellness program, complete with organic, sustainable amenities, a healthy mini-bar with conscious nutritional options of delicious handcrafted healthy snacks and drinks, comfortable attire, handheld fitness equipment for self-practice, nightly turn-down shots, luxurious bath rituals, and ambience to boost the perfect night’s sleep.


  • Guests can customize and choose their Wellness Journey and select expert practitioners and therapists who will guide them on their healing and rejuvenation path.


Intuitive Therapy – This treatment restores and heals. Enjoy a personalized full body massage with medium to strong pressure. An invigorating therapy based on age old Indian rituals, this healing massage makes it easier to recover from any sports related muscle tension or fatigue. This powerful massage will calm your nervous system, allowing you to relax and be totally at peace.

Bolifushi Fusion – The signature massage of ELE|NA spa at Ozen Reserve Bolifushi is a fusion of Western and Asian treatments by creating your own massage. The tailor-made massage is suited to your needs, utilizing the individual areas of experience, ranging from Thai massage to reflexology, to hot poultices, to blended essential oils.

Prana Vitality – This blissfully balancing treatment feeds skin and senses, relaxing and reviving both body and spirit. This is a specialized massage and marma therapy with emotionally balancing rose, healing sandalwood, and renewing jasmine combined in this wonderful massage. The skin is nourished, the soul nurtured, and a profound sense of inner peace pervades.

Under the Stars Healing – This is a unique combination of pranic healing and sound healing which helps the vibrational energy to direct and transmute the energies around or of your body. The method releases the unwanted thoughts and emotions and amplifies the positive energies. Himalayan singing bowls are played at a specific frequency with a clear intention to raise the vibration or frequency of your energy field. The process empowers your healing process and supports it continuously at all levels of your body, mind and spirit. 


A 4-Night wellness program starts at US$1,405.

A 60-minute Cupping Therapy session costs US$160, while a 60-minute Bolifushi Fusion treatment costs US$180.


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