Stay One Degree – Rent Luxury Homes to Friends You Trust

Stay One Degree Villa Mallorca - Destination Deluxe

Stay One Degree lets you rent your luxury home to people you trust

Stay One Degree has quickly started to make a name for itself as the go-to holiday home rental website in the travel industry. Dubbed the Airbnb of luxury, the company prides itself on offering its members amazing villas (think properties where Leonardo DiCaprio vacations), unbeatable rates and the comfort of knowing that you’re booking homes directly from your friends, mutual connections or trusted members who your friends can vouch for.

The same goes for property owners who are hoping to rent out their villas around the world. Whereas most booking sites would keep 50% of the rental fee, Stay One Degree only takes 8%, plus you’re not renting out your gorgeous mansion to complete strangers, but you can rest assured that your property will be in safe hands.  

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Stay One Degree First Light House New Zealand - Destination Deluxe

Founded by two friends who were tired of staying in soulless hotels and renting properties with shabby Ikea furniture, while their own homes sat empty for numerous weeks as they were anxious about renting them out to total strangers, they decided to launch Stay One Degree. Every time they stayed at a friend’s house, it felt like a home away from home, and even speaking to strangers introduced by mutual friends was a new and favourable experience. There was an implicit bond of trust, as you had been vouched for.

So having tried and tested this new idea to solely rent from people they knew and trusted, they realized that the houses were without a doubt better than they could have rented or afforded on an agent’s website. In each location their friends gave them tips on restaurants and bars, sightseeing, trusted babysitters, a local guide, access to members-only clubs etc. A travel guide or a search on the Internet would have never been able to replicate this unique experience.

The only negative aspect of it was that it took up an immense amount of time to plan everything, and that’s when Stay One Degree was born, allowing users to connect and rent from people they trust in a matter of minutes.

So sign up, list your homes and simply enjoy some of the best properties in the world, recommended by your own network of friends.

Stay One Degree Chalet Val D'Isere France - Destination Deluxe