Surrender Healing Retreat in Chiang Mai

Surrender Healing Retreat Sibsan Resort and Spa Chiang Mai, Thailand - Destination Deluxe

A 5-Day Surrender Retreat (Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand)

Learn to let go and surrender at this magical healing retreat, which will take place over 4 nights/5 days. Set in the lush and tropical mountains, 70km outside of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, the wellness retreat at the 5-star luxury Sibsan Resort and Spa will allow for a deeply healing and transformational experience.

Not always an easy task, surrendering helps us to align with our higher potentials and brings fulfillment in life. When we learn to surrender, life shows us what would bring us our greatest joy and happiness and it shows us the truth. Often we waste years, avoiding our inner truth, because seeing and acknowledging it would go against what we’ve learned is “right”, but ongoing avoidance will never bring us peace or joy, and it can often be the root of addictive behavior. 

We’ve been conditioned to see as well as experience life from our mind and our belief system, when in fact this part of our energy processing system is the furthest away from our truth and our original calling. No matter how we’ve been trained to perceive reality, our heart always knows what’s best for us. So it is imperative we learn to hear that calling and what our heart has to say.

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This healing retreat with life coach and energy healer Mark Karlsson will allow you to surrender to your authentic self. Karlsson has been running retreats for over 20 years and has a great amount of experience in the areas of personal and spiritual development. Each retreat offers a place for transformation and profound healing through meditation and deep spiritual work, due to his guidance within the group to create an environment that is safe, promoting transformational healing to occur for everyone involved. 

Each healing retreat is completely unique and depends on the dynamics of the group as well as the guidance he receives. Immersed in raw untouched nature, the Sibsan Resort and Spa sets the foundation for the transformation to occur, and before each retreat, Karlsson connects with the divine forces and sets powerful intentions to lead the way, resulting in profound transformational healing and heightened awareness for all participants.
Venue: Sibsan Resort and Spa
Cost: Cost of retreat for single room accommodation is 54,000 Thai Baht (includes 4 nights, full board)
Early Bird Promotion: 48,000 Thai Baht if paid on or before January 23, 2018.