Synergy – The Retreat Show

Synergy The Retreat Show Ibiza - Destination Deluxe
Come and join Synergy on the heavenly island of Ibiza from 25-28 October as the retreat industry and wellness and travel experts come together to exhibit the healing powers of wellness retreats

This will be the first ever holistic wellness travel show that is dedicated solely towards the wellness retreat industry and will take place for a duration of 3 days, 25-28 October 2022.  You will be given the opportunity to make meaningful industry connections, give speeches and attend meetings, whilst also experiencing some of the many holistic and wellness practices that would usually be offered to consumers. This is no ordinary event; the primary goal is to promote wellness and that’s why you’re being provided with a fully immersive experience during which you will not only bear witness to the wellness and retreat experiences that are offered but also experience first-hand the power of a wellness journey. In order to be able to encourage wellness and health, you must feel well within yourself and that’s why the aim of this 3-day retreat is that you begin your journey of self-discovery and emerge revitalized.

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Synergy The Retreat Show Ibiza Ca Na Xica Hotel - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Synergy

The 3-day event will take place at Ca Na Xica Hotel & Spa, a private retreat located in the countryside of the island and surrounded by the beauty of nature. It’s the perfect place to disconnect from the world and focus on yourself and your surroundings.

Plus, bearing in mind the central focus on wellness, the entire show will take place outdoors so you can comfortably indulge in the tranquility of the Mediterranean countryside. You’ll want to be sure to make the most of the hotel’s surrounding environment. You will be right in the heart of Ibiza after all.

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Synergy The Retreat Show Ibiza October - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Synergy

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The idea to organize Synergy was born out of the pandemic by Laura Montesanti. After the pandemic, travel and holiday requirements have come to the forefront of many people’s lives. Nearly two years of not being able to travel has made people realize the importance of ‘an escape’ in their lives, now getting away for one’s health and happiness has become more popular and desirable, but also needed. These once in lifetime, transformative travels directed towards self-discovery are more in demand and Montesanti felt that there was a lack of something that fulfilled both travel and wellness demands. By bringing together travel and wellness experts, the hope was to create a life-changing, unforgettable experience that aids people in their search for peace and wellbeing.

We think Synergy is bound to become the event of the year for the travel and wellness industry, so get it down in your diaries because you certainly don’t want to miss this one. With a maximum capacity of 300 attendees, we suggest you submit your applications as soon as possible to book your place. We hope to see you there soon.

Synergy The Retreat Show October 2022 Ibiza - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Synergy

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