Bask in Ultimate Serenity at The Five Senses of Wellness Retreat at Raffles Bali

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Elevating the wellness journey to a new pinnacle, Raffles Bali proudly unveils its latest venture: the Five Senses of Wellness Retreat

The old idea of a vacation — feasting on local delicacies, savoring rich wines, and basking lazily in the sun — has begun to feel like a chore for many. As holiday-goers began returning from their vacations feeling drained and worn out, they found themselves seeking a different kind of escape — a holiday from their traditional holidays.

The rush to “relax” ironically proved so taxing that a fresh breed of holiday was born: the wellness retreat. Catering to our increasing desire to combat the strains of a busy lifestyle, these retreats offer the tools to jumpstart healthier habits, learn stress management techniques, and receive expert guidance on creating balance.

Born from this hunger for holistic relaxation, wellness tourism has swiftly swelled into an industry worth an estimated $800 billion. Moreover, experts predict a staggering 30-fold growth by 2030. As the tide of wellness continues to rise, it has not only inspired a new generation of wellness-centric destinations but also catalysed an evolution within established hotels.

Many establishments, both old and new, are echoing the wellness call in their offerings. Hotels are now dishing up vegan-friendly and health-conscious menus, adding wellness-focused amenities like on-site yoga classes.

Raffles Bali Relaxation - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Raffles Bali

Raffles Bali, a hotel synonymous with luxury, recently unveiled its own wellness retreat, underscoring how deeply this trend is permeating the hospitality sector. The destination is already a retreat in itself – Nestled amid the undulating hills of Jimbaran, just a brief 20-minute journey from the airport, Raffles Bali emerges as an oasis of wellness. With a limited number of just 32 private pool villas, this retreat ensures intimacy alongside breath-taking views of the ocean. From the luxurious comfort of your villa or the secluded tranquillity of Raffles’ own sandy beach, surrender to the rhythmic melody of the sea while indulging in a symphony of flavours with fine wellness cuisine at the resort’s signature restaurants.

Elevating the wellness journey to a new pinnacle, Raffles Bali proudly unveils its latest venture: the 3-Night Five Senses of Wellness Retreat. This signature program, meticulously curated by a cadre of wellness specialists, seamlessly weaves together tailored wellness sessions, immersive cultural activities, and culinary adventures, all aimed at nurturing relaxation, tranquillity, and life balance.

The retreat encompasses a luxurious 4-Day/3-Night stay in an Ocean Pool Villa, complete with daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner, scheduled activities, and round-trip airport transfers with fast-track service, ensuring a seamless wellness journey from start to finish.

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True to its evocative name, this wellbeing sojourn promises to stimulate all five senses through a blend of physical engagement, spiritual exploration, and culinary delight. Under the careful guidance of renowned Bali-based wellness and healing practitioners, participants will find their path to tranquillity and balance.

Among the masters of wellness accompanying this journey is yoga, meditation & hypnotherapy master Ida Dayu Alit Sumiati, Chakra balancing master Jero Gambuh, and Reiki Healing master, I Made Warmana.  Joining them is Jero Mangku Dalem Jimbaran, a Balinese purification master who help solve problems, heal traumas, and provide the
answers from the universe. 

Raffles Bali Night - Destination Deluxe
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For an investment of USD 4,933++, guests can immerse themselves in an unparalleled blend of indulgence and wellness that includes:

Gastronomic Journey: Delight in a daily a la carte breakfast, a welcome Discovery Dinner at Rumari, a lavish dinner at Loloan Beach Bar & Grill, an intimate In-Villa Lunch, a wellbeing lunch at Loloan Beach Bar & Grill, a picturesque beach picnic breakfast, and a sundown cocktail at Raffles Cabana. Supplement this with a hands-on cooking demonstration or a traditional Jamu making class for a unique culinary experience.

Curated Wellness and Cultural Activities: Engage in a wellness treatment of your choice at Raffles Spa, with options including a Soul Blessing Ceremony, 7-Chakra Balancing, Singing Bowl Therapy, or Reiki. Begin your days with Morning Yoga or Tai Chi, participate in a fire-cleansing beach ritual, embark on a garden tour led by our botanical guru, and visit a traditional Balinese house. Add to this a 90-minute Spa Treatment at both The Sanctuary and Raffles Spa to elevate your wellness journey.

Daily Serenity Rituals: Immerse in calming rituals that include Raffles Journals and Sleeping Rituals to align your body and mind towards tranquillity.

Bespoke Raffles Bali Wellness Amenities: Heighten your senses with Essential Oils Blends and Iconic Diffusers, Mood Audio, Epsom Bath Salts and Dried Lavender, and a Crystal Eye Mask and Pillow Mist. These amenities are designed to enhance your relaxation and wellness experience.

Raffles Wellbeing Butler Service: Available 24/7, your dedicated Wellbeing Butler will be at your service to personalise your stay and cater to your wellness needs at every hour.

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Raffles Bali Night – Destination Deluxe

If you seek that ONE transformative, immersive wellness experience this year, look no further than the Five Senses of Wellness Retreat at Raffles Bali. Here, luxury meets tranquillity, creating a truly unique wellness odyssey that rejuvenates body, mind, and spirit.

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