The Ranch Italy at Palazzo Fiuggi

Calm your mind and challenge your body in as little as four days at The Ranch Italy

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The most life-changing fitness retreat in the US, The Ranch Malibu, is now making its award-winning wellness program available in Italy. Less than an hour from Rome, located on a hilltop, in a private 20-acre park in the heart of Italy, the luxurious Palazzo Fiuggi is the new home for The Ranch Italy’s fitness program. The immersive program combines The Ranch’s signature daily schedule, including daily intensive hikes, with medical services to promote health and wellness. With 4-day and 8-day programs available, guests will support their immune system and routinely lose fat and weight while gaining muscle and mental clarity. Expect measurable results.


Based on The Ranch Malibu’s signature program, this 4-day (starting December 1, 2022) or 8-day retreat features a daily four-hour morning mountain hike, nap time, afternoon strength and core training classes, yoga and daily massage. Guests also undergo diagnostic and blood testing and are able to access Palazzo Fiuggi’s state-of-the-art spa and spacious 4,300 square-foot fitness centre, complete with Pilates, yoga and Technogym equipment, as well as panoramic indoor and outdoor pools.

The 4-Night Retreat runs from Thursday to Monday. The 8-Night Retreat runs from Sunday to Sunday (Thursday to Thursday from December 1 onwards) all year round.


Guests can expect a nutrient-dense, plant-based diet with an Italian twist. The menu excludes sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol and caffeine, offering 1,400 calories a day, including porridge with fruit or a chickpea frittata for breakfast, a delicious lentil salad or a burrito bowl for lunch, and a green salad followed by a hot dish such as Portobello steak, Swiss chard and garlic celeriac mash for dinner. Guests can also enjoy herbal teas all day, and snacks on the hikes.


There’s a well-marked trail on the itinerary each day. Guests reach elevations over 2,000 meters as they hike up the Apennine Mountains which surround the Lazio region. The scenery varies from forested canopies, open meadows, valleys and streams to hilltop hamlets, medieval villages and ancient monasteries.


Every afternoon guests participate in fitness, strength and core training sessions, as well as restorative yoga classes – all held in a private section at Palazzo Fiuggi.


  • The water features at Palazzo Fiuggi are spectacular. Soak your sore muscles in relaxing hydro pools and dip in and out of hot and ice cold plunge pools. There is also a swim-through door that connects the outside pool area with the inside.


  • The wake-up calls are at 5:30am every morning, so be ready to make the most of these activity-filled days.
  • The hiking is tough and not for the faint-hearted.


The bedrooms all come with views overlooking the grounds of the park or the old town of Fiuggi. Flooded with natural light, the rooms feature contemporary styling with incredibly comfortable double beds, and a bright sunny balcony. If you prefer a bath over a shower, you will need to upgrade to a junior suite.


Every afternoon, guests receive a well-deserved daily massage. The world-class spa features innovative treatments of hydrotherapy and thalassotherapy, featuring the ancient healing waters of the Fiuggi area. Additional medical services and the Roman Thermae can be experienced during the week for an additional rate.


Located on an ancient hilltop in a private 20-acre park, the palazzo is nestled in one of Italy’s richest naturalistic towns. Known for the healing powers of its water since the early fourteenth century, the region was often visited by royalty, popes and masters of the Renaissance, including Michelangelo, for its restorative qualities.


A 4-Night retreat starts at US$4,950 for shared occupancy (starting December 1, 2022).

The 7-Night retreat starts at US$9,100 for shared occupancy.


Via Dei Villini, 34
03014 Fiuggi FR
+39 0775 7661