Therabody – Empowering You to Take Charge of Your Wellness

Theragun by Therabody Massage Device - Destination Deluxe
With a strong emphasis on technology, science, and education, Therabody empowers people around the world to take control of their wellness with smart devices and informed practices and routines

In 2016, Therabody released its original product, the Theragun G1, which became world’s first handheld percussive massage therapy device. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength with each successive product launch. Therabody’s mission is simple – to help people take charge of their daily wellness with innovative personal technology backed by education and science.

Therabody Theragun Portable Massager - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Theragun series / Courtesy of Therabody

The Therabody story began in 2009 when Founder and Chief Wellness Officer Dr. Jason Wersland needed an effective, natural pain-management solution while recovering from a motorcycle accident. Eventually, he used his chiropractic expertise to create a proprietary tool that relieved his pain. But, it took almost a decade of research and countless prototypes before the Theragun G1 was ready to hit the market. Now more than a decade after creating the first prototype, Dr. Wersland has turned Therabody into a thriving company that pairs pioneering technology with detailed educational tools to make wellness accessible to all.

Theragun mini - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Theragun mini / Courtesy of Therabody

The brand’s ecosystem of industry-leading devices empowers people to care for themselves naturally. And, they’re trusted by professional athletes, sports teams, celebrities, trainers, and medical practitioners in more than 60 countries. Portuguese footballer Christiano Ronaldo, Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova, and National Basketball Association player Paul George all use Therabody products to keep their bodies in prime condition. There’s good reason for this. “Therabody is rooted in sport, which is a big part of our DNA,” says Wersland. “We will always look to be part of the sports world, and that’s why more than 250 sports teams around the world trust us to help their athletes train and recover.”

Theragun Founder Dr Jason Wersland Therabody - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Founder and Chief Wellness Officer Dr. Jason Wersland / Courtesy of Therabody


These days, Therabody devices cover a range of modalities, from percussive therapy and vibration therapy to pneumatic compression, and electrical stimulation. The brand also recently debuted TheraOne, its series of full-spectrum, USDA Certified Organic CBD products. The line includes the Activate and Recover CBD Lotion, and Revive Body Balm that can be used alongside the devices for improved recovery.

CBD by Therabody TheraOne - Destination Deluxe
Photo: CBD range TheraOne / Courtesy of Therabody

It may have started as one percussive massage therapy device, but the Theragun has evolved into a series of four intelligent tools – the fourth generation was released in 2020 – and each is designed to meet different needs in users’ daily lives. But, all four Theragun devices offer a personalized deep muscle treatment experience through the Therabody app, offering truly tailored treatments. Reaching 60% deeper into the muscle than other massages and using scientifically calibrated percussive speed, these devices help generate therapeutic effects within the body.

Certainly, the Theragun offers a unique experience, but for Wersland, it’s important that people understand that these devices can be used by everyone. “We created the ‘massage gun’ space and carry the responsibility of helping people understand how this fits in their life,” says Wersland. “We are the only “massage gun” to have four generations in the span of four years, and Theragun is the only physician-calibrated percussive therapy device in the market.”

The Prime model comes with customizable speed ranges, Bluetooth connectivity, and several attachment heads to offer targeted massages; the PRO and Elite models include all the above, along with OLED screens and wireless charging. Perfect for traveling, the small-but-mighty Mini has three set speeds weighs just 0.65kgs, and packs into a soft case to fit in your luggage.

Therabody Wave Roller - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Wave Roller / Courtesy of Therabody

The collection now also includes the Wave Series, which consists of a range of rollers and balls, which offer powerful vibration to targeted areas for maximum recovery and muscle relaxation.

PowerDot is another unique series in the brand’s assortment of tools, offering distinct neuromuscular electric stimulation for pain relief.

PowerDot - Destination Deluxe
Photo: PowerDot / Courtesy of Therabody

Another recent addition to the Therabody line-up is the RecoveryAir pneumatic compression system, which is designed to help users recover faster and better. The system uses a unique true negative gradient of pressure that travels sequentially up the legs to apply compression that effectively flushes out metabolic waste and allows fresh, oxygenated blood to flood in and speed up recovery. Therabody offers two versions of this innovative product. The simplified RecoveryAir is suitable for everyone and uses manually-controlled pressure, while the RecoveryAir PRO comes with five guided treatment programs and is fully customizable, making it well-suited to elite athletes.

RecoveryAir Compression System - Destination Deluxe
Photo: RecoveryAir / Courtesy of Therabody


Therabody believes that education is half the battle when it comes to wellness. That’s why it places great emphasis on the Therabody App and Therabody University.

Users can turn to Therabody University to learn more about the company’s devices and recovery, empowering them to take full control of their wellness. The proprietary education division offers in-depth knowledge about effectively integrating Therabody solutions into training and recovery routines. The curriculum at Therabody University features digital content and live courses. Students can take Foundations (100), Specialty (200), and highly personalized 300 courses. These courses are designed to empower professionals, but can be useful for the brand’s users who want to level up their knowledge of percussive therapy.

Therabody App - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Therabody App / Courtesy of Therabody

The Therabody App is also designed to help users get the most out of Therabody devices. The smart app learns from your real-life activity and behavior to design personalized wellness routines. The app also integrates with other major health apps, like Apple Health and Google Fit, and can be used to control speed and monitor force in the Theragun devices. A library of specialized routines is also available to assist in training and recovering from injuries and ailments.

With a strong emphasis on technology, science, and education, Therabody empowers people around the world to take control of their wellness with smart devices and informed practices and routines.

Theragun Elite - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Theragun Elite / Courtesy of Therabody

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