Top 5 Grounding Tips

Top 5 Grounding Tips Phil Davies - Destination Deluxe
Grounding is an important part of our wellness journey. Going through traumatic or stressful experiences can leave us ungrounded. Here are our top 5 Grounding Tips to recenter and balance yourself

One of the most important aspects of a holistic treatment is for the practitioner to assist their client in grounding them. Often, people who have experienced mental or emotional trauma, are highly stressed or do not feel safe within their environment.

Challenging experiences can leave us in a state where we are not fully present, and parts of our consciousness are scattered. This can leave us feeling confused, disconnected, and unable to focus or concentrate. 

However, being ungrounded is not only a common thing for those that have experienced trauma or stress.  A lot of the time, when we start on our spiritual journey, we can get a little attached to having our consciousness in the higher frequency realms and begin to neglect our earthly selves, so if you are feeling dizzy, disconnected, clumsy, keep losing things, are not understood properly and find it difficult to understand others, then make sure to ground yourself.

We’ve asked energy healer and psychic development expert Phil Davies for his top 5 grounding tips and here is what he said.


Grounding Tips Phil Davies - Destination Deluxe
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1. Back to Nature

Walk with your bare feet on grass, sand or the sea, or sit yourself down in a park close to or touching trees. Allow the wonder that is Mother Nature to bring you back to the moment. If you are unable to get to Mother Nature directly, then visualize or use your intent to reestablish this connection. This can be done as easily as imagining roots growing out from the bottom of your feet and going deep into the earth, then visualize the energies of the earth coming back up through those roots and filling your body. This exercise is really easy and can even be done as you sit at your desk.


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2. Eat Root Vegetables

Integrate carrots, beets, ginger, turnips etc. into your diet. As well as being extremely nutritious, they will help to ground you and keep you present.


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Grounding Tips Earthing - Destination Deluxe
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3. Choose Grounding Colors

Color stimulates our energy centers and energy bodies, so our clothing can be used for example to boost our mood in our day to day life. Grounding colors are red, brown and black.


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Guide to Crystal Healing 101 - Destination Deluxe
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4. Make Use of Crystals

Crystals hold a very stable frequency that does not change, and as our frequencies are changing constantly, they will assimilate to the frequency that is most suited for our overall balance. Crystals that are great for grounding are smoky quartz, obsidian, hematite and black tourmaline. All of these crystals can be worn as jewelry, held in your hand as and when needed or even placed under your pillow at night.


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5. Essential Oils

Just as crystals carry a stable frequency, so do high quality essential oils. My personal favorites for grounding are sandalwood, cedarwood and chamomile. There are different ways the oils can be used. They can rubbed directly onto your body, diffused into your space, or even added to neutral shower gels. This is a great way to help start and finish your day in a more grounded way.

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Phil Davies offers private sessions in Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Spiritual Guidance and healing sessions using his Vibrational Attunement technique. Furthermore, he also teaches Psychic Development and Meditation.


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