Top Treatments to Try With Spa Senses by Skeyndor

Skeyndor Spa Senses Skincare Line - Destination Deluxe
Take a sensory journey through the most unique treatments in the world with signature massages by Skeyndor's Spa Senses

Immerse yourself in a world of sensations with Spa Senses premium treatments, filled with exquisite fragrances inspired by aromatherapy, unique textures and precious natural ingredients from the five continents.

Spa Senses by International skincare brand Skeyndor offers a selection of the most exclusive products, massage techniques and rituals by professionals from all over the world.

Rituals take between 60-90 minutes. The complete range of exclusive treatments inspired by the elements of nature, aims to make each ritual a unique and lasting wellness experience.

Skeyndor Spa Senses _ Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Skeyndor


Enter a deep state of relaxation from head to toe as you journey through different cultures around the world. The Arabian Luxury combines three experiences in one massage: the deep-tissue work of a Swedish massage, the relaxing Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian massage which balances both body and mind, and the stretches of a Thai massage to mobilize the body.

Using practices from Ayurveda medicine, it is an emotionally and spiritually balancing massage.

The Arabian Luxury massage stands out for its use of aromatic spices which boost relaxation and help protect our skin. It is applied slowly with firm and progressive pressure to the entire body in order to provide a sensation of calmness. The essential oils and aromatic spices help to hydrate the skin, resulting in an overall pleasant experience. It is perfect for most clients as it takes care of your body, emotions and mind.


Enjoy the relaxing properties of cannabis, relieve tension and awaken your deepest feelings to reconnect with your origins with this soothing massage. It combines facial reflexology and different ancient techniques with varying intensities, from medium to very gentle.

For Aboriginal Australians, Dreamtime represents the origins of the universe, nature and mankind.  Be transported to a magical dream world as the melting texture of the calming Cannabis Massage Cream helps soothe the body and soul.

Regain balance and tranquility with this sensorial massage based on the fusion between cannabis oil, aromatherapy and smoothing and kneading movements to relieve muscular tension.

The massage also offers benefits of additional massage techniques such as Shiatsu to improve energy flow; pressure points to stimulate the body’s natural curative processes; as well as lymphatic drainage to relax the nervous system, boost detoxification and the immune system.

Skeyndor Spa Senses - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Skeyndor


Be transported to a deeper state of wellness with the ancient practice of the Abhyanga massage as it envelops your entire body and rebalances you internally.

Abhyanga, which literally means “oil massage”, merges the wisdom of Ayurveda with modern techniques, helping the body rebalance the three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Precise movements with warm spiced oil boost the subtle activation of your energy points and return you to a state of inner harmony.

This is an excellent method for detoxifying the body as the movements of the massage included in the treatment will help eliminate toxins, stimulate the lymphatic system and purify your body, keeping your body healthy. It also helps blood circulation, draining excess liquid and toxins from the blood flow, making the heart work more efficiently. This massage rejuvenates, relaxes and invigorates the muscles, fibers, tendons, bones and skin, leaving you feeling radiant, from head to toe.

Skeyndor Spa Senses Skincare Treatment - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Skeyndor


If you are looking for a more lively type of massage to reduce pain and stress, the Energising Ayurveda Flow is just the answer. This massage provides a recharging Thai experience, perfect for people who wish to work the entire body with an energetic massage.

A symbiosis of traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic massage, the active Thai massage, also known as assisted yoga, works the entire body with energetic movements and a range of pressure intensities to help increase your energy flow. This leaves you feeling not just relaxed but also rejuvenated.

Although Thai massage is more energetic than other forms of massage therapy, it has been proven to relieve anxiety, stress, and nervousness and increase the systemic sense of calm.

It relieves muscular pains and tensions as well as your pain trigger points. The massage also relieves rigidity and pain in joints, improving their mobility, while increasing joint flexibility and range of movement.


Inspired by the Mediterranean, the De-Tens Signature Massage contains a wide range of massage techniques from all over the Western world. It is a therapeutic massage comprising various types of techniques, including Swedish, Turkish and Eastern massages.

Its goal is to relax, decontract and stimulate soft tissues, and it can be complemented by other therapies, such as aromatherapy. Feel the tensions leave your body as warm oil melts into your skin with an exquisite orange scent.

It uses basic manipulations such as Effleurage to warm up the muscles and help you relax; Petrissage to relax tense muscles, boost blood flow, and help detoxify the body; and Friction to soften and realign tense muscular fiber.

The massage also helps to foster the body’s recovery as well as increase the blood’s oxygen levels and tissue flexibility. The massage has a draining effect and acts to activate blood and lymph flow, resulting in relieved muscular tension, which leads to increased flexibility and improved posture.  It also tones muscle tissue, making it firmer and more elastic, hence it is suitable for people with muscle contracture, atrophy or strains.