7 Transformational Wellness Programs Around the World

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Heal your body, mind and soul with customized wellness programs that cater to your concerns

Whether it is vulnerable immunity, menopause, aging, sleep problems, stress, anxiety, weight management or other ailments you are hoping to combat, medical and wellness experts will help to identify areas of concern and provide personalized programs tailored to your condition.

Leave the programs armed with the knowledge and new habits to incorporate into your daily life to ensure that the healing process continues at home. Here are seven wellness programs around the world for you to reconnect with yourself, recharge and regain balance.


Best Wellness Programs Immunity & Resilience Program Kamalaya - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Kamalaya

Resilience & Immunity program at Kamalaya
Koh Samui, Thailand

Wellness experts at Kamalaya have created a holistic approach that carefully addresses never heard of before health problems, isolation, and stress related anxieties that arose during the global pandemic crisis. Designed to modulate the immune system and reduce inflammation, this program is highly beneficial for those with vulnerable immunity, post-viral fatigue, auto-immune concerns, or anyone who just wants to be more resilient when facing life’s uncertainties. Through this program, identify areas of biochemical imbalance with functional testing and get a personalized approach to building your body’s natural defenses with Traditional Chinese Medicine and nutritional guidance. Aside from taking care of your body, foster a calm and balanced mind with mindfulness training, meditation and bioresonance therapy.

Book a 3-Night Relax & Renew Retreat at Kamalaya


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Couples Retreat Shou Sugi Ban - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Shou Sugi Ban

Couples Retreat at Shou Sugi Ban
New York, USA

Enjoy a memorable getaway with your partner on a Couples Retreat. The program includes daily breakfast and a morning movement class as well as its signature Romance Package, which consists of a rose quartz, a signature flower arrangement, organic chocolate and a bottle of champagne. The Guest Studio comes with a cosy fireplace, a soaking tub and a garden patio. Furthermore, you can arrange a private multi-course dinner in the Healing Arts Barn, or opt for a Couples Sacred Sound Journey, or a Couples Crystal Healing session, to name a just a few of the additional options.


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Cartesiano Wellness Retreat Mexico - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Cartesiano

Circadian Health and Rebalance at Cartesiano
Puebla, Mexico

Gain an awareness of how your daily rhythms work with this program that aims to restore rhythm and strengthen your immune system’s function. It is recommended for those who want to improve their metabolism, or are experiencing sleep issues, stress, anxiety, or fatigue, or are struggling with weight gain or slow digestion, or are looking to improve their sexual health. Other benefits include rebalancing the autonomic nervous system, restoring and promoting healthy sleep habits, reducing stress and anxiety, and naturally reducing chronic inflammation and oxidation processes in your body. Each program is designed to your sleeping pattern, choose from 4- to 21-day options.


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Menopause Retreat Preidlhof - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Preidlhof

Menopause at Preidlhof
Naturno, Italy

Find new balance and discover the pleasure of being alive and being a woman with this program at Preidlhof, a wellness hotel in South Tyrol. The Medical Wellness Session offers two options: Two sessions of Acupuncture to increase or balance energy to help with sleep issues and many of the symptoms associated with Menopause and peri-Menopause; or the Sleep Analysis, where you will wear a discreet medical device to allow doctors to evaluate the quality of your sleep. Treatments include a Hawaiian Healing Massage, Ancient Healing Session that incorporates personalized breathwork and Dao Yin Yoga exercises, and much more. A minimum stay of 6 nights is required.

Book a 7-Night Holistic Fitness Retreat at Preidlhof


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Weight Care Wellness Program Vivamayr Austria - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Vivamayr

Weight Care at Vivamayr
Maria Wörth, Austria

To support you in achieving your ideal weight, Vivamayr will put together a therapy program for you that optimally supports your body. This includes a combination of medical care, sustainable nutritional advice and a range of therapy to promote mobility and self-healing powers. Base medical services include a thorough clinical examination, a tailored diet plan and tests to determine which treatments will be useful for you. Aqua gymnastics, acupuncture, osteopathy, and colonic irrigation are among the many tailored treatments available. Leave the program feeling lighter and freer and take home new habits that will have a positive effect on both your wellbeing and weight.


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Best Wellness Programs Naked Challenge Detox The Retreat Costa Rica - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of The Retreat, Costa Rica

The Naked Challenge Signature Detox at The Retreat, Costa Rica
Atenas, Costa Rica

The detox begins even before arrival as the chef will communicate with guests in advance with a food guideline for five days before check-in. Giving your digestive system a break from traditional solid foods allows your body to be nourished with vital micronutrients, and free up energy for detoxification throughout your entire system. The challenge will detox the blood, skin, and help with cleansing. This detox program can also help those with addiction, arthritis, allergies, and cellulite. Detox expert and retreat owner Diana Stobo, who developed the program, suggests 10 days to fully feel the detox and be empowered with the knowledge to take home for long-lasting results.


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Best Wellness Programs Complete Life Rewind Palazzo Fiuggi - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Palazzo Fiuggi

Complete Life Rewind at Palazzo Fiuggi
Near Rome, Italy

The 6-day/7-night program is designed to mitigate the effects of aging both internally on a physical and emotional level and externally on an aesthetic level with a holistic approach. This personalized program at Palazzo Fiuggi (featured image) focuses on nutrition, fitness and lifestyle to achieve long-term results. Personalized intravenous infusions, nutritional and naturopathic consultations, a Carotid Doppler and abdominal ultrasound, laboratory blood analysis tests to monitor improvements, are just among the many treatments designed to address medical, beauty, and overall wellbeing needs. Here you can also enjoy a hammam welcome cleansing ritual and therapies such as beauty and anti-aging facials, detox hydrotherapy, rejuvenating cryotherapy, massage and advanced relaxation therapies.


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