Stylish Travel Accessories to Connect You on Your Next Trip

Travel Accessories Native Union - Destination Deluxe

Native Union, which is most famous for its fashionable and durable tech accessories, makes a perfect companion on all your travels

Even though for many of us time on a plane represents one of the few moments we actually get to experience a digital detox, several people would agree that being connected while traveling is high up on their priority list. We’ve tried and tested Native Union’s design-friendly travel gadgets, which are compatible with both Apple and Android devices, and have rounded up our favourite game-changing travel accessories that are not only beautiful but also sturdy and worthy of a coveted spot in your carry-on to make your traveling more comfortable and connected.


Belt Cable

Yes, everything is moving towards becoming more wireless, but for the moment we’re still dealing with a range of charging cables on a daily basis. And how many times have we discovered with frustration that the wire end has started to expose itself? That’s why Native Union’s stylish Charging Cable is your perfect travel companion. It might be a bit more pricey than your average cable, but it is robust and completely reliable, and its modern design lets you mix and match it with the rest of your outfit and accessories.

Travel Accessories Native Union Belt cable - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Native Union

Key Cable

A must-have item, this key chain transforms into a well-designed and super practical mini charging cable with concealed connectors. The efficient accessory boasts the brand’s signature fashionable braided cable and gives you access to any USB power outlet, perfect for that battery emergency charge. Compact enough to fit in your pocket, this advice is attached to your keys, so your charging cable goes wherever you go. The Key Cable is vailable in USB-C to USB-A.

Travel Accessories Native Union Key Cable - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Native Union

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Cone Cable

The Cone Cable is part of the Tom Dixon X Native Union collaboration and cleverly conceals a compact USB-A to Lightning stainless steel charging cable. Hidden within a stylishly designed aluminium cone, the slick device’s convex glass cap on the protective cone screws off to double as a smart magnifying glass. The super practical loop design allows you to attach the cable to bags for easy access. In a very stylish way, it solves the problem of remembering to carry a charging cord around with you, and is the latest in a line of smart, fashionable tech accessories with a strong luxury twist.

Travel Accessories Native Union Cone Cable - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Native Union

Drop Wireless Charger

This stylish accessory will make any hotel room feel more at home in an instant. The charging pad of the Drop Wireless Charger is built with hard-wearing home textiles and aircraft grade aluminium, and features a USB-C to USB-A braided charging cable. You can use it with the iPhone X , iPhone 8 Plus,  iPhone 8, and numerous Qi-enabled Android devices. There’s even a leather strap that helps you adjust the length of the cable to help you declutter and keep it clean. It comes in various colors, such as our fave and overly trendy “rose” hue.

Travel Accessories Native Union Drop Charger - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Native Union


Stow Sleeve

Built to last with hard-wearing textiles and waterproof zippers, the Stow Sleeve (currently available at Apple, and soon available in the Native Union online store and authorized resellers) boasts a soft-quilted lining and sustainable leather details to create a lasting product. Its form-fitting timeless design perfectly complements your MacBook, while its padded interior gives it 360-degree protection. Furthermore, the outside pocket allows you to keep charging cables or other documents for quick and easy access.

Travel Accessories Native Union Stow Sleeve - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Native Union


Stow Organizer

Currently available at Apple and soon available in the Native Union online store and authorized resellers, this incredibly light and portable pouch keeps all your on-the-go accessories neatly organized and in place, ready for when you need to use them. The Stow Organizer features a minimalist design and sports designated compartments that hold charging cables, a MacBook charger, AirPods and more.

Travel Accessories Native Union Stow - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Native Union

Travel Accessories Native Union Stow Apple - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Native Union