V SPA & Wellness Center at Vilnius Grand Resort

One of the top wellness addresses in Eastern Europe, Vilnius Grand Resort is set among 690 acres of verdant countryside in Lithuania. Relax and rejuvenate at the V SPA & Wellness Center during a 7-night retreat

V Spa & Wellness Center Vilnius Grand Resort - Destination Deluxe


A mere 20 minutes away from the city centre of Vilnius, this modern resort is surrounded by lakes and forest with winding hills that blend harmoniously into the landscape. Vilnius Grand Resort invites you to relax and recharge in nature, while experiencing its delicious gourmet cuisine. It stands out thanks to its impeccable service and hospitality, as well as cozy atmosphere. The resort effortlessly combines leisure, wellness, and entertainment.


Spread over 7,200 square meters, the V SPA & Wellness Center at Vilnius Grand Resort meets the ever-rising expectations of the world’s most discerning travelers, who are in need of wellness and seek exceptionally high standards of bespoke services. The exclusive concept was pioneered, using a collection of the best brands and products, the best traditions of tailored holistic programs and therapies, performed by an international team of gifted therapists. Taking health and fitness to new heights, the facilities, which are completely dedicated to wellness, promote a complete experience of relaxation and wellbeing.


Based on the philosophy of “life without medication” and a mission to master resilience, immunity and longevity, Vilnius Grand Resort’s V SPA & Wellness Center has launched a series of wellness programs and retreats in response to the pandemic and people’s wellness needs.

Dedicated to increasing the resilience of the body, there are four retreat programs: Detox & Optimal Weight, Longevity, Anti-Stress & Emotional Balance, and Time to Glow. Using affordable and effective biohacking methods, products, treatments and activities, the programs help to master individual physical, mental, social and spiritual resilience in order to optimize a well-functioning nervous system, metabolism, and strong immunity, which will dramatically reduce traumas associated with negative experiences and aspects of life.

The Detox & Optimal Weight retreat program has been created to support your natural healthy weight, metabolism and to optimize the body composition by incorporating a signature nutrition plan, targeted draining and detoxifying treatments to sculpt and tone your body, as well as providing a dedicated workout plan to help your body to excrete toxins and burn fat more effectively.

The Longevity retreat program is based on long-standing holistic healthy living practices. It is a natural way to harmonize your body functions, leading to a greater resistance, regeneration and revitalization. To contribute to an extended health span and slow aging, it promotes lifestyle modification, a balanced and anti-inflammatory nutrition plan, body steady focused exercises, quality sleep and aging reverse treatments.

Today many of us are more stressed than we have ever been. While short-term stress can lead to bothersome headaches, stomach cramps, weight gain, and recurring colds and flu, chronic, unremitting stress affects every part of our body, from our digestive and reproductive systems to our immune system. The Anti Stress & Emotional Balance retreat program was developed for those wishing to reduce and better manage their stress level. It combines yoga, meditation and breathwork, a variety of calming and balancing treatments with an approved diet plan for a happier, less stressed you. The results of the program will be that you have more energy, and your body and mind will be better prepared to deal with stressful situations.

The Time to Glow retreat program is dedicated to fulfilling all your beauty desires to achieve a radiant glow inside and out, ensuring a long-lasting healthy-looking appearance and general health improvements. Inspired by ancient holistic skincare practices, and in synergy with advanced beauty technologies, this program also includes body-mind activities and a diet that nourishes your beauty from within.


  • We love the fact that V SPA & Wellness Center also offers a salt room. This is great for allergies and any respiratory issues.
  • Are you suffering from a busy mind with too much chatter going on? Try the Floatation Therapy and bliss out. Sensory deprivation tanks have shown to help people relieve stress and increase mental clarity.


  • V SPA & Wellness Center offers an extensive wellness menu of treatments and programs. Make sure to study it well beforehand, so you can book the right treatments and get the most out of your stay.
  • Guests can book individual rooms and treatments. However, to maximize your stay at Vilnius Grand Resort, we recommend to opt for a 7-night retreat program to experience the biggest impact on your health and wellbeing.


The V SPA & Wellness Center spans an indoor Aqua pool with Jacuzzi, a kids pool, a steam bath, dry sauna, as well as a separate thermal area, which includes steam bath, dry sauna, ice fountain, plunge pool, foot reflexology baths, experience showers, and private cedar sauna. Furthermore, there are modern fitness facilities, as well as a high-tech Biomechanical Rehabilitation Center with yoga studio for individual and group classes. And there is also a wellness-inspired restaurant and spa bar.


There are 18 tranquil treatment rooms for massages, body treatments, facials and holistic therapies, as well as four couples’ suites, in addition to relaxation areas, to provide signature programs and treatments.


The 7-night Detox & Optimal Weight retreat program starts at US$1,703 per person in a shared Deluxe room.

The 7-night Anti Stress & Emotional Balance program costs US$2,073 per person in a shared Deluxe room.

The 7-night Time to Glow program starts at US$2,135 per person in a shared Deluxe room.

The 7-night Longevity program starts at US$2,176 per person in a shared Deluxe room.


Highway A2, the 19th km
Vilnius 14200
+370 5 273 9700