Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence


Located high above Lake Lucerne and surrounded by immaculate nature as far as the eye can see, Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence is part of a cluster of four hotels, which make up Bürgenstock Resort. The other three hotels include Bürgenstock Hotel, Palace Hotel, and Taverne 1879.

Tucked away, adjacent to the forest, Waldhotel offers sweeping views of rolling hills and meadows, and some of the most spectacular sunsets we’ve experienced.

Designed by starchitect Matteo Thun, the five-star medical wellness haven features a spacious 13,000-square-feet spa, and a 45,000-square-feet medical center.

Come for a few days or for a few weeks to simply recharge, speed up your rehabilitation process after an injury or operation, or recover from a burnout and find yourself in Mother Nature’s embrace, while enjoying the most comprehensive medical care and some of the best treatments available in Switzerland.


One of the most comprehensive medical retreats we’ve ever experienced, the wellness programs at Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence are of the highest caliber with some of the best doctors available.

Guests can choose from a retreat menu that boasts 11 programs to fit their health needs. The programs include Diagnostic & Advanced Check-ups, Mobility & Activity, Weight Management & Metabolism, Body & Mind Balance, and Beauty & Healthy Ageing.

A one-stop shop in medical wellness and beauty, Waldhotel offers access to diagnostic, rehabilitative and therapeutic services, movement therapy, cosmetic procedures, sports medicine, dental health, weight management and mental wellbeing to name a few.

Start with a 3-Day Waldhotel Check-up, which includes a range of comprehensive tests, and then build on the Check-up program and opt for a 6-Day Detox Pro retreat for example.

Married with innovative healthy cuisine and cutting-edge spa treatments, guests are allowed to de-stress, detox, re-set, re-energize, and simply relax through restorative medical methods in a tranquil destination surrounded by nature and serenity to soothe body, mind and soul.


If you’re staying for more than two days, make sure you try the well thought-out Waldhotel Colour Cuisine at Verbena Restaurant & Bar. Created by renowned Chef Martin Stein, the healthy cuisine is based on an alkaline, no sugar, no salt, no dairy, low-carb diet, and focuses on providing guests with balanced meals that are rejuvenating and energizing from within. The philosophy is to eat foods of certain colors, and focusing on a different health benefit each day. Chef Martin Stein puts emphasis on fresh and organic ingredients, including 30 types of herbs, and only uses plant oils, such as hemp and camelina oil. Hemp oil is more than 75 percent omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in a ratio of 3:1, considered to be the optimal nutrition ratio. Hemp oil has shown to reduce inflammation and is effective in treating a number of skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Most of their wellness programs include half board, but if you opt for the Detox Pro retreat, you will be able to enjoy the healthy cuisine on a full board basis, along with nutrition consultations, a natural colon cleanse with figs and alkaline powder, and a Cooking Lab class where you learn hands-on to prepare some of these nutritious dishes, so you can recreate them back home.


  • The location is absolutely breathtaking. Immerse yourself in complete tranquility at the Waldhotel. The only soundtrack of cow bells in the far distance will calm your senses and lower your heart rate.
  • Cryotherapy in the Ice Lab was definitely one of our highlights. If you’re on a program, most likely you will get to experience this fantastic therapy to boost your immune system and your body’s ability to heal tissue.
  • We also loved the Waldhotel Colour Cuisine, which is very well thought-out, offering guests a perfectly balanced and nutritious diet that strengthens, heals and calms the body from the inside out.


  • The Waldhotel is surrounded by lush meadows and green forests. Out of the four hotels, which make up Bürgenstock Resort, it is the farthest one from the Bürgenstock Hotel and the funicular. But given its tranquil location, it is also the most relaxing hotel where guests can recharge and rejuvenate undisturbed.
  • If you’re on the Detox program, you should stick to its healthy alkaline meal plan, which is a low-carb diet that doesn’t include salt, sugar or dairy.


The wellness haven boasts 160 rooms over nine floors.


There are two pools – a heated outdoor pool, which you can access from inside, and another indoor pool. Furthermore, there are (hot and cold) Kneipp baths to boost your immune system, think Wim Hof style dipping.


The spa is a wellness haven, complete with mixed and ladies only saunas, treatment rooms with the latest massage beds and equipment, including infrared saunas and moving treatment-cum-waterbeds, heated pools, fireside loungers, and a salt cave to tackle asthma and allergies.


Casual chic in the hotel, but make sure to bring enough activewear and swimsuit for indoor activities, as well as outdoor gear, such as hiking shoes, windstopper and maybe even a backpack.


April – September is great for outdoor activities.

The spa and the heated outdoor pool are especially cosy and comforting during winter when it snows.


A 3-Day Check-up program starts at US$3,300.
A 4-Day Mindfulness Pro program starts at US$2,370 and a 7-Day at US$3,260.
A 7-Day Detox Pro program starts at US$6,100. 

6363 Obbürgen, Bürgenstock
+41 41 612 60 00