Best Weight Loss Retreats to Try for Sustainable Wellness

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Manage your weight under the guidance of professionals and emerge lighter and more energetic

Struggling to lose weight despite your best efforts? Perhaps some guidance from professionals and weight loss retreats can help you identify the problem and achieve your ideal weight goals.

With the variety of weight management programs offered, select the one that best fits your needs and physical capabilities. Here are 9 weight-loss retreats you can consider. Some focus on detox and cleansing, others on increasing your body’s metabolism or fitness level, while some provide you valuable knowledge on healthy eating. The programs are not just about weight-loss, some come with added benefits or functions such as illness prevention or increased mobility. Consistency is key. The process does not end once you complete the program as you will be provided targeted recommendations for maintenance, to help you sustain the benefits.

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1. The Ranch Malibu

The Ranch Malibu

With results such as 3%-6% of body weight loss along with substantial inches of fat loss and muscle gain as well as improved cholesterol levels, The Ranch Malibu is the place for effective weight management. Spanning 200 acres in the Santa Monica Mountains, it is the perfect location to connect with nature’s healing elements. During your stay, learn to adopt sustainable healthy habits and gain mental clarity. The daily fitness schedule includes morning hikes, afternoon fitness classes, yoga or meditation class, and deep tissue massages. Replenish and nourish your body with plant-based and nutritionally dense meals and snacks.

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2. ELE|NA at Ozen Reserve Bolifushi


Weight loss is one of the wellness journey options in ELE|NA’s Wellness Your Way programs. It aims to help you achieve and maintain your ideal body weight through personalized treatments, therapies, functional training, and mindful movement sessions. Here, you can enjoy luxury accommodations at Ozen Reserve Bolifushi in the Maldives and nourishing meals designed to the science of Ayurvedic principles to complement the wellness therapies offered. The focus of the weight loss journey is on longevity and a better quality of life rather than detoxification. From wellness consultations with an Ayurvedic doctor, to plant-based menu under the theme of #consciousnutrition, Ozen Reserve Bolifushi makes sure that weight loss happens sutainably. Fitness instructors also provide a movement journey that you can implement at home.


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3. REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort

Organic Weight Loss & Re-Shaping Retreat

Whether you’re aiming to shed pounds, sculpt specific areas, or simply embrace vitality, the Organic Weight Loss & Re-Shaping Retreat at REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort promises to invigorate you, boost mobility and increase flexibility. At the retreat, you can experience a fusion of spa treatments, comprehensive fitness classes. During the retreat, nourish your body with the thoughtfully designed Organic Weight Loss and Reshaping menu, which is tailored to your specific requirements and focuses on high good quality proteins. This all encompassing approach is designed for those seeking not only weight loss, but also to cultivate and sustain a vibrant lifestyle, so you emerge feeling lighter, more confident, and brimming with energy.


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Lifestyle Reset, Canyon Ranch Tucson - Destination Deluxe
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4. Canyon Ranch Tucson

Get Healthy

Embark on a transformative wellness journey guided by a team of seasoned experts. Cutting-edge wellness diagnostics delve deep into bodily functions, enabling the integrative physician to craft a comprehensive health plan. With support from an exercise physiologist, nutritionist, and mental/spiritual wellness specialist, individuals receive personalized strategies for sustainable improvement and preventive care. Depart equipped with a tailored roadmap to optimal health and tools for long-term success. Virtual coaching ensures ongoing support and motivation. From weight management to sleep optimization, clients receive personalized insights for lasting habits and vitality. Begin the journey to a healthier, happier life under expert guidance.


Santani Retreat - Destination Deluxe
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5. Santani

Santani Weight Loss

Looking for a safe and effective method to lose weight without strenuous exercise routines and rigid dietary restrictions? Santani’s proven weight-management programme Santani Weight-loss is the choice for you. It takes a systematic approach based on Ayurvedic and Western spa treatments, detox therapies, movements, yoga, diet and meditation that is easy to be integrated into your life habits. The minimum 5-day program includes customized meals to cleanse and reduce weight, daily group Hatha yoga sessions, herbal medication to correct the imbalance and increase metabolism, personalized Ayurvedic and spa treatments, and guided group nature walks.


Weight Loss Retreats Chiva-Som - Destination Deluxe
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6. Chiva-Som, Thailand

Sustainable Weight Management

When it comes to weight loss retreats, Chiva-Som opts for a healthy approach towards weight loss by nurturing the body rather than extreme changes. The Sustainable Weight Management retreat helps participants lose weight in a controlled and healthy manner. It encompasses three main facets: Detox, Physical Fitness, and General Health Improvement. Aside from daily fitness and leisure activities, a personal trainer will work one-on-one with you throughout your weight management journey to help balance physical activity with a supportive diet. You will also learn how to abandon unhealthy eating habits and embrace a healthier, more nutritious way to enjoy life.


Weight Loss Retreats Vivamayr - Destination Deluxe
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7. Vivamayr

Weight Care program

Start off with a thorough science-based investigation to identify where your potential lies with Vivamayr’s Weight Care program. The 7-day program includes a combination of medical care, sustainable nutritional advice and many other different types of therapy to promote your activity, mobility and self-healing powers. Personalized treatments aim to get rid of toxins to relieve the metabolism, boost your energy and vitality, and help counteract illnesses. During your stay, you will learn many new habits that will have a positive effect on both your well-being and weight so you feel lighter and freer after you complete the program.


Palazzo Fiuggi Fitness Retreat - Destination Deluxe
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8. Palazzo Fiuggi, Italy

Optimal Weight program

The Optimal Weight program at Palazzo Fiuggi supports you in adopting new, healthy habits that allow you to reach your ideal body weight. Choose from 7 to 21 nights. The program includes exercise education and sports activity, medical treatments, holistic and wellness treatments. The Movement Lab will assess your mobility and flexibility, strength and balance, and posture. Experts will guide you towards your ideal weight, providing the nutritional and physical activity tools for your psychophysical well-being. The program also incorporates therapeutic Fiuggi water, which has a beneficial effect on a variety of ailments and chronic conditions, and aims to improve abnormal blood tests and reduce chronic inflammation.


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Amatara Phuket Wellness Retreat Thailand - Destination Deluxe
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9. Amatara Welleisure Resort, Thailand

Weightloss Retreat

Amatara Welleisure Resort is the place to rejuvenate the body and soul through the rediscovery of vital energy. This program is specially developed to control and reduce your weight with an emphasis on the right nutrition, extensive exercise, personalised physiotherapy sessions, and customised holistic approaches. The program starts with a proper analysis and testing as well as regular consultations throughout your journey. Participants also have access to unlimited access to wellness movement classes and daily steam or sauna. Since sustainable weight-loss is the aim of this program, all participants go home with a Take Home guide to weight management & personalized nutrition. 


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