8 Best Wellness Apps

Bring wellness into your life with these wellness apps

If you ever find yourself distracted and unproductive because of your smartphone, our roundup of the best wellness apps is here to help you focus on your wellbeing and improve productivity. From meditation, fitness, tracking sleep and healthy meal planning, these apps are guaranteed to bring wellness to your daily life. 


Wellness Meditation - Destination Deluxe
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1. Headspace

Headspace is an app that helps you to learn how to meditate and to live mindfully. There are hundreds of sessions that help you deal with stress, sleep, focus and anxiety, as well as shorter guided meditations for those with busy schedules. It is a personal meditation guide right in your pocket. Even taking 10 minutes a day to listen in and clear your mind can help you have better attention spans, alertness and instant calm.


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Sleep Cycle Wellness - Destiantion Deluxe
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2. Sleep Cycle

Do you ever feel you are not getting enough sleep? You don’t have time to go on a sleep retreat? Then this app is perfect for you. Track your sleep with Sleep Cycle, an app that analyzes your sleep and wakes you up at the most perfect time. The app helps you to wake up when you are at your lightest sleep, leaving you feeling well-rested and not grumpy in the morning. 


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Wellness Plant-Based Cuisine - Destination Deluxe
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3. Abillionveg

With abillionveg, plant-based living is made easier. Abillionveg is a platform that allows you to voice your opinion on anything plant-based and cruelty-free. You can rate and review plant-based dishes, grocery items and cruelty-free products no matter where you are in the world. One cool feature of the app is the ‘Healthy Eating Challenge’, where you are rewarded US$1 for each review you post. After accumulating 10 reviews (or US$10), you can donate the money to any animal sanctuary under abillionveg’s network.


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Travel Jet Lag - Destination Deluxe
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4. Timeshifter

When traveling, you have to battle the dreaded jet lag. But with Timeshifter, you can beat jet lag as it helps you to adjust your biological clock to a destination’s time zone quickly. You can create your own personalized jet lag plans and arrive at your destination with ease. The app was developed by world-renowned scientists and is based on the latest research in sleep and circadian health.


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Digital Detox - Destination Deluxe
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5. Flipd

Teach your mind to refocus with Flipd. This app has dozens of ways to help you stay focused and track your time well spent. The app encourages you to unplug from your phone for a period of time that you choose. It locks some apps that may distract you from finishing important tasks and help you to focus. The app will leave you being more productive and focused, as well as have an improved wellbeing.


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Best Wellness Apps Fitness - Destination Deluxe
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6. 8fit 

8fit is a fitness and nutrition companion that offers you efficient workouts and healthy, personalized meals. If you’re not keen on joining a gym, this app is perfect for you! You can personalize your workouts to your liking, as well as prepare healthy meals with the help of easy-to-follow recipes. Track your workouts, meals, progress and milestones all in one app.

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Habits Streaks - Destination Deluxe
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7. Streaks

Streaks is a to-do list that helps you form good habits. With Streaks, you can choose up to 12 tasks that you want to turn into daily habits. Working on something every day helps you form a new habit. You can also set some tasks for certain days of the week. Whether you want to walk 5,000 steps, read a book, spend time with your pet, call your parents every Wednesday, or go to the gym, Streaks will help you form these habits and hold you accountable to all your goals.


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Best Wellness Apps MindBody - Destination Deluxe
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8. MindBody

MindBody is your source for the best fitness and wellness services in your community and around the world. The app lets you book classes and appointments at the palm of your hands. See what’s available and book it right away, whether you’re planning ahead or squeezing in a last-minute class or appointment. You can also connect the app with your FitBit to track your progress during your workouts and help you reach your goals.


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