Wellness Day Experiences at Fivelements Habitat for an Urban Retreat in Hong Kong

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City dwellers can restore, heal and rejuvenate during Wellness Day Experiences at Fivelements Habitat in Hong Kong

There are many small struggles we may face every day and even during the best of times, they can be overwhelming to us. Many issues can be intensified, especially when our ability to travel and familiar support lines are disrupted.

With many of us still social distancing, we may lack the space to exercise as we like. There are many physical and psychological benefits of simply getting out for a walk in nature, but it can often be impossible if we live in urban areas.

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Urban Wellness Haven

Those who live or happen to be in Hong Kong have a choice to revitalize and recharge without having to go overseas. Fivelements Habitat, an urban sanctuary located at Times Square in Causeway Bay, is offering its own version of the popular staycation and has tailored half-day wellness programs suitable for reducing stress, restorative healing and rejuvenation. 

The Wellness Day Experiences vary depending on one’s needs. Guests can choose between five different experiences, namely Soothing Serenity, Blooming Beauty, Secrets of Balinese Wellness, Awakening Inner Power and Detox Rejuvenation. Each session consists of a face care ritual or a choice of one private sacred arts session (yoga, mindfulness, sound, movement or core conditioning) and a body massage or detox treatment.


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The total experience may take from 3 hours up to 4.5 hours, including a three-course lunch or dinner of plant-based cuisine at Sakti Elixir. Inspired by the award-winning Fivelements Retreat in Bali, Indonesia, Sakti Elixir offers wholefood plant-based cuisine created from seasonal local harvests. The mouth-watering healthy cuisine caters to all types of diets, and the menus are designed to enhance vitality and rejuvenation.

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Wellness Day Experiences Urban Retreat Hong Kong Fivelements Habitat - Destination Deluxe
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A Sacred Space for Transformation

For those who seek a place where they can practice mindfulness and sacred arts, Fivelements Habitat also offers group classes and private training. It is a space that allows one to achieve calmness and clarity through various modalities. These include meditation, yoga, tea ceremony, sound healing, core conditioning and movement, including martial arts and dance. 

A day of movement sessions can be a great retreat if lack of mobility due to lockdown measures and travel restrictions is getting you down. Lots of people are working from home, sitting for long hours without being able to walk regularly, unlike before when they commuted to their offices and workplaces. It is important to be aware of our movements and optimize them in order to feel better and reap the benefits of having proper posture, balance, gracefulness and efficiency.


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A Little Goes a Long Way   

It’s important in difficult times to remain positive and optimistic and that we take the time to manage our stress levels. This can be as simple as taking a brief moment to relax while breathing consciously and deliberately bringing our thoughts back to the present moment. Not only is it vital for our physical health, but it helps us to stay happier, more creative and focused.

Fivelements Habitat guides people on their wellness journey to incorporate more of these healthy habits into their day. We can do some simple exercises such as meditation or yoga to help us be more present. This in turn helps us appreciate the connections we have with people and our environment, however disrupted they may be, and value our time together. It is after all quality, not quantity, that is important. 


Fivelements Habitat Hong Kong - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Fivelements Habitat

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