Experience Wellness Your Way at Ozen Reserve Bolifushi

Ozen Reserve Bolifushi Wellness Your Way - Destination Deluxe
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Designed to incorporate healthy practices with an indulgent Maldivian holiday experience, the personalized "Wellness Your Way" programs at Ozen Reserve Bolifushi give guests the chance to design their own wellbeing journey

This year, Ozen Reserve Bolifushi introduces a holistic wellness program designed to blend healing practices with a quintessentially luxurious island vacation in there Maldives through a bespoke collection of spa treatments and services.

At the Ozen Collection, it’s all about finding balance between wellness and indulgence. Rejuvenate with enriching wellness experiences and reach your desired health goals at this luxurious tropical resort as you take in the breathtaking Maldivian scenery. Discover “Wellness Your Way” at this exquisite property in the pristine Indian Ocean as the resort’s expert team curates therapies that are suited to your individual needs and desired health goals. The program offers three distinct experiences: Wellness Seeker, Wellness Rendezvous, and Wellness Rejuvenation.

Ozen Reserve Bolifushi - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of ELE|NA


The resort’s ELE | NA Elements of Nature Spa and Wellness Centre focuses on Ayurvedic principles of holistic nutrition and wellbeing by infusing the five elements of nature – earth, water, wood, metal, and fire – to create inspiring wellness journeys for guests. Select the wellness journey of your choice, choose how many days you want to spend in paradise, and let the experts take over. The ELE|NA team of a resident specialists, which include an Ayurvedic doctor, specialists, holistic therapists, energy healers, movement and wellness experts, and nutritional professionals, will curate a wellness journey to help guests achieve their healthy living goals.

Nutrition professionals will guide you through a personalized wellness journey specific to your healing requirements and create a delicious meal plan of plant-based menus that offer mindfully curated nutrition. A committed homecare team will be ready to assist you with readjusting to life after the retreat, providing wellness mindset mentoring so you follow through with the holistic practices even after the retreat is over, and regularly tracking your progress. The programs also include private treatments and wellbeing activities like yoga, meditation, sound healing, floating meditation, breathing exercises, beach walks, fitness plans, and more.

ELE|NA Elements of Nature Sound Healing Spa Maldives - Destination Deluxe
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“Wellness Your Way” offers a choice of three journeys:

● Wellness Seeker – This program is best suited to first-timers or relatively new seekers of wellness experiences. Choose treatments from a bespoke, a la carte therapy menu or consult with an Ayurvedic doctor who will perform a pulse examination and constitution analysis, and then provide corrective diet plans and treatments. On the menu are energy and sound healing therapies, virtual neurolinguistic programming sessions, deep-tissue massages, scalp acupressure, and more.

● Wellness Rendezvous – Ideal for anyone who has experienced wellness journeys in the past, the Wellness Rendezvous program takes things up a notch so that guests get to enjoy two to three hours of bespoke wellness experiences each day, while still luxuriating in the many pleasures that Ozen Reserve Bolifushi has to offer. Start by getting a personalized consultation from an Ayurvedic doctor, who will then prescribe recommended therapies and nutrition plans. Guests can also opt for journeys with various end goals like chronic pain management, stress management, gut health, sleep therapy, weight loss, and more. Some of the specialist therapies include Shirodhara (hot oil pour), Abhyanga (full-body massage with rhythmic strokes and herbal oil), and Udhwarthanam (a weight-loss massage that involves dry, deep-tissue strokes with herbal powders to reduce cellulite and tone the body).

● Wellness Rejuvenation – For this fully immersive retreat, the resident Ayurvedic doctor will do a deep-dive into your various ailments and stressors and offer remedial treatments, therapies, conscious nutrition plans, and wellness activities. Additionally, your villa will be transformed into a personal and private wellness enclave, replete with organic, bespoke amenities like handcrafted snacks, wellness attire, fitness equipment, turndown wellness shots at night, and indulgent bath rituals to promote a complete state of relaxation. Guests can also opt for journeys with various end goals like chronic pain management, anxiety and stress management, gut health, sleep therapy, weight loss, and more. Some of the therapies include face lift massages, lymphatic drainage treatments, ‘Under the Stars’ healing involving Pranic healing and sound therapy, intuitive therapy, Kati Vashti (for lower back pain), Navara Mukhalepam (luxurious fruit face masks), Nasyam (sinus cleansing), Podikizhi (warm poultice massage), private bonfire meditation, and more.

The Wellness Seeker and Wellness Rendezvous packages can be booked at the resort, while the Wellness Rejuvenation journey requires reservation before arrival at the resort. The Wellness Rendezvous and Wellness Rejuvenation programs are available for between 4 – 21 nights, and include one-on-one fitness sessions and wellness activities.


ELE|NA Elements of Nature Spa Maldives Hot Poultice Treatment - Destination Deluxe
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