4-Night Wellness Rendezvous Retreat – Ozen Reserve Bolifushi | Maldives

Starting from US$1,405 for Double Occupancy

The Wellness Rendezvous retreat by ELE|NA Wellness takes a holistic approach to wellness therapies. The resident Ayurvedic doctor at Ozen Reserve Bolifushi will curate the most appropriate program to start you on your wellness journey. In this program you enjoy two or three hours a day benefitting from your wellness journey while still being able to indulge on your luxury vacation in the Maldives.

Journey Options include:

Chronic Pain Management
Anti-Anxiety / Stress Program
Gut Health (incl. Detox)
Sleep Therapy
Ageing Defying
Wellness for Cancer
Weight Loss


  • 1 x Consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor and Nutrition Advice
  • 3 x Specialist Treatments
  • 1 x Wellness Therapy
  • 1 x Online NLP Session
  • 2 x One-on-one Fitness Session
  • 2 x One-on-one Wellness Activity
  • Unlimited Group Workshops
  • Unlimited Group Wellness Activities
  • Unlimited Group Fitness Sessions 
  • 1 x Follow-up Consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor 


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