Top 10 Wellness Retreats in Hong Kong

Wellness Retreats in Hong Kong - Destination Deluxe
Knowing that there are quiet retreats even in populated areas, we have put together 10 wellness retreats in Hong Kong to help you relax, rejuvenate and reboot

As we approach the second half of the year, most of us are yearning for a break. Even though Hong Kong is known to be a crowded city, it maintains the ability to create a space for peace and tranquility. Check out any of these retreats in Hong Kong, where wellbeing and quietness will enrich your body, mind, and soul. Ultimately designed to promote your overall sense of wellbeing, we round up 10 of our favorite wellness retreats.


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Villa Aether Lantau Wellness Retreats Hong Kong - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Villa Aether

1. Three Days of Wellbeing at Villa Aether
1-3 Days

Villa Aether on Lantau Island offers three retreat days that will allow you a moment of peace and relaxation. Three Days of Wellbeing includes vinyasa flow yoga sessions, breathwork, ceremonial cacao circles, sound healing, plant-based meals, and guest appearances from wellness leaders such as Natalie Söderström, Shane Aspegren, and movement guru Alex Herrera. Focusing on a journey of cultivating the connection between your body, mind, and spirit, and building awareness, join Villa Aether for its next retreat for 1-3 days of inspiration and rejuvenating activities, curated foods, and all things that are authentic and nourishing with fantastic sea views. With amazing activities and wellness experts, these retreats are guaranteed to be rewarding and unforgettable experiences.


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ReTribe Hong Kong Sunrise - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of ReTribe

2. Retreats with ReTribe
1 Day +

What started as a small group of people is now a vibrant community. ReTribe gathers people in search of a physical reality that is filled with conscious living and practices that encourage and support a deeper self-inquiry. ReTribe offers a range of wellness workshops, events and gatherings, including 1-day and weekend retreats to delve deeper into certain topics. ReTribe aims to connect body, mind and spirit through a wide variety of activities and practices such as breathwork, movement, meditation, verbal and non-verbal communication. ReTribe is famous for its weekly sunrise gathering on Fridays, which is free of charge. Check out their website for upcoming workshops and retreats.


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Ariel Lee Chris Tracy Kriya Lightning Foundation - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Kriya Lightning Foundation

3. Retreats with Kriya Lightning Foundation
1 Day +

The Kriya Lightning Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers free teachings, private healing sessions and international retreats to all those who seek awakening and inner freedom. Founded in 2019, the Kriya Lightning Foundation (KLF) offers teachings and support in two specialized areas: transcending ego and connecting with Heart’s Truth (intuition). By using an emotional release technique called Open Awareness, the two founders Ariel Lee and Chris Tracy, and its teachers around the world, have helped hundreds of people to shift into greater states of freedom, love, peace and clarity, in harmony with themselves and the world around them. Kriya Lightining Foundation offers one-on-ones as well as intensive 1-day and multi-day group retreats. The retreats are only available to those who are practiced and familiar with the Open Awareness and Heart’s Truth techniques. Check their website for upcoming retreats and to sign up for an introduction session (required for attending a retreat).


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Asaya Wellness Rosewood Hong Kong - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Asaya

4. Wellcation with Asaya Lodges at Rosewood
1-2 Days

City dwellers looking for a restorative-getaway experience, can visit the Asaya Lodges for a wellness vacation. Dedicated to personal journeys on self-discovery, the Asaya Wellcation offers general assessments, services in emotion balance, fitness, nutrition, physical therapy, skin health, and other wellness and health related needs. This retreat is available until July 11 and can either be a weekday retreat or weekend retreat, flexible for all people and schedules. Furthermore, guests can now also experience quality time with friends and family in the serene and restorative environment during the Ultimate Wellcation, which is designed for up to 10 guests, of which four can stay in the Asaya Lodges with the remaining six joining for the day or staying overnight at the Rosewood Hong Kong. With full access to the 25-metre outdoor infinity pool and Asaya Fitness Centre, guests can also dive into wellness treatments such as Expressive Arts Therapy, Singing Bowl Therapy, or ease into heavenly excursions at the Aroma Atelier, pleasing each sense of the body.


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Wellness Staycation Upper House Hong Kong - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of The Upper House

5. Staycation with #WellnessOnTheRoad at The Upper House
2 Days

Treat yourself to a one-day wellness inspired staycation and indulge in the tranquil setting of The Upper House, providing a stay complete with in-room treatments and wellness classes, in the heart of Hong Kong. In addition to the one-night accommodation, there is daily set breakfast and massages available for two, and complimentary access to group wellness classes with healthful living being at the core of the program, focusing on reflection, renewal, and balance. Available until August 31, this getaway experience is a wonderful break and undisturbed oasis within a populated area. This wellness staycation is a moment of peace and quietness and perfect for centering your mind and body.


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Bliss Body Retreat Hong Kong - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Bliss Body Retreat

6. Three Steps to Bliss with Bliss Body Retreat
4 Days

In times where many are looking for more self-awareness, spiritual connection, and true empowerment, Bliss Body comes to serve and share wisdom in wellness and health. Guests can join Three Steps to Bliss in a 4-Day Meditation & Healing Immersion in Hong Kong. Essentials of breath, movement, mindfulness, and peaceful natural surroundings create a perfect reset container for every urban inhabitant, allowing you to be the best you. Personalization and privacy are the highest priority, demonstrated in the limited availability of six people only. Activities include breathwork sessions, chakra balancing, and a sacred pilgrimage to an ancient temple. The location of these retreats changes frequently and can be found discussed fully through a placed inquiry. With the intention to bring you into a state of union and harmony, Three Steps to Bliss in Hong Kong will amaze you with the wellness activities and excursions planned.


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Four Seasons Hong Kong Wellness Staycation - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

7. Wellness Retreat at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong
2 Days +

Feel truly refreshed and well with Four Seasons’ wellbeing offerings, designed by certified and in-house food and wellness experts to help you ease into a healthy and mindful way of living. Available until late December, this wellness getaway with Four Seasons offers welcome amenities and daily breakfast, a Reawakening Ritual for two, chakra meditation and grounding breathwork, one Subtle Energies kit, and the option of Tai Chi and cooking courses for all guests. With so many opportunities to become immersed in sensational activities, this is bound to be an unforgettable and remarkable experience.


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Bamboo Yoga Wellness Retreats in Hong Kong - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Bamboo Yoga

8. Bamboo Yoga Retreat
1 Day

Immerse yourself in yoga, nature, ocean and beach for a truly blissful 1-day mini retreat. Taking place in Sai Kung, the program includes an aerial yoga class in a studio, followed by a hike to the beach, partner yoga and aerial yoga on bamboo tripods. Flying over the ocean will guarantee super instagrammable photos and being outdoors will leave you feeling brand new. All levels (complete beginners too!) are welcome.


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Retreat Hong Kong Peninsula - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Happiness Factory

9. Retreat by Happiness Factory at The Peninsula
2 Days 

Happiness Factory has been holding wellness retreats in Hong Kong at The Peninsula. This 2-day retreat focuses on four wellness themes: nutrition, movement, sleep, and mindfulness, providing each guest with many positive results. Aimed at city dwellers who want to improve their wellbeing and focus on their health and happiness, the retreat includes wellness activities such as Summer Sunrise Yoga, Integrated Heart-opening Flow and Chi Breathwork, or a CBD Gong Bath for mindful sleep practices. This summer wellness retreat and its numerous experiences will create a space of rejuvenation and relaxation, where your mind and body will thank you. Check the website for upcoming dates.


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Wellness Staycation Hong Kong Langham - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of The Langham, Hong Kong

10. Rejuvenate, Recharge, Redefine Wellness at The Langham
2 Days

Rejuvenated, recharged, and redefined is the best way to describe the wave of feelings after a wellness staycation at The Langham. This getaway package includes a room upgrade, detox dinner and breakfast, and 60-minute mobility classes and a 60-minute gong and singing bowl mood elevating class, and more. A magnificent personal wellness retreat, with extensive opportunities to recharge, renew, and develop your whole self, The Langham provides a calm oasis that is rooted in rejuvenation. The Langham is a perfect place to refuel your inner self and improve your movement in a big city.


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