Watsu is like Poetry in Water – Vivienne Tang Takes the Plunge

Watsu Destination Deluxe

Based on a concept rooted in Watsu, Steve Karle’s therapy sessions are a combination of aquatic bodywork and Zen meditative movements.

S teve Karle, who’s a Watsu specialist and frequently goes by the name of “Aquaman”, tunes into and “talks” to my body, instinctively knowing how it wants to move. He guides and pulls me into certain positions, curling my limbs, similar to an accordion. The order of the movements is not choreographed, and the session is an unspoken dialogue between my physical body and Karle’s touch. My mind is able to completely unplug, yet engaging all my senses in this fully immersive transcendental journey. I emerge from it feeling relaxed and renewed.

Private watsu sessions with Karle can be booked at the Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre at Hotel Cafe Royal in London.