Women’s Wellness Retreat at Fivelements Hong Kong

Women in Bali Bruna Rotunno - Destination Deluxe

Amazing Grace, a 4-Day Women’s Wellness Retreat at Fivelements Hong Kong

Join Fivelements Hong Kong for Amazing Grace, a women’s wellness retreat that brings together women to share inspiration and celebrate life, love and their creativity.

To cater to everyone’s busy schedule there are many options to choose from. Hosted over 4 days, guests can attend half day or full days, as well as have the opportunity to stay overnight.

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The retreat has been carefully curated as a holistic integrative wellness program with enlightening discussions and sacred arts sessions led by specialists in women’s health, nutrition, wellbeing, yoga, meditation, vibrational healing and dynamic movement.

Kicking off on Women’s Day, Thursday, March 8, the retreat will host an exclusive photographic debut of Women in Bali, a collection of images reflecting the feminine side of the Island of the Gods. In the photos, the women are seen dancing, working and living among moving landscapes, being one with spirituality. Italian photographer, Bruna Rotunno, will share her profound journey and the inspiration behind her Women in Bali collection. The event will run a second time on March 10. Both events will start with an inspiring talk by the Italian artist, followed by a Balinese-inspired plant-based culinary journey at the award-winning Fivelements Sakti Dining Room.

Women in Bali Bruna Rotunno Photographer - Destination Deluxe

On Friday, March 9, the wellness schedule will include journaling, yoga, meditation, five rhythms dance, gong meditation, healthy food talks, as well as a 3-course chef’s tasting dinner.

Saturday, March 10 will kick off with a yoga session, followed by an osteopathy demonstration, a mini workshop on breaking through fear, healthy food talk, yoga, barre, tea ceremony, a 5-course Balinese-inspired chef’s tasting menu and book signing of Women in Bali.

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To close the retreat, Sunday, March 11 will include a talk on hormones, endocrine yoga, a satsang, and a 3-course chef’s tasting lunch.

Recognizing that wellness comes from embracing and respecting body, mind and spirit as a whole, Fivelements puts much emphasis on self-realization, authenticity and harmony within.

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“As women, we carry a strong nurturing instinct, and this natural drive to care for others sometimes supersedes our ability to care for ourselves,” says Lahra Tatriele, Co-founder and Vision Director of Fivelements. “Amazing Grace is designed for women to take a short break from the daily routines and allow themselves the precious time and experience of learning, sharing and growing together in the safe and beautiful environs of our holistic urban retreat nestled in the green hills of Sai Kung. My wish for this weekend is for each of us to embark upon an authentic journey surrendering to newfound trust, freedom and joy, to embrace new avenues of balancing our life choices, and to lead our families, friends and communities toward greater peace for the wellbeing of humanity.”

Prices range from HK$598 for a half-day session to HK$10,700 for the whole 4-day retreat with accommodation (includes all meals and access to indoor pool and gym).

Fivelements in Sai Kung is now closed. However, Fivelements Habitat will open in Hong Kong in July 2019. 

Women's Wellness Retreat Fivelements Hong Kong - Destination Deluxe