Woods At Sasan

Embrace an eco-conscious lifestyle at Woods At Sasan, a modern wellbeing retreat on the edge of the Sasan Gir forest in Gujarat, India

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Built in and around an 16-acre mango orchard and lush forest, this biophilic retreat offers holistic healing through a slow, sustainable, nature immersed lifestyle. The retreat is a serene blend of contemporary spaces and culture-inspired interiors that merge into the landscape. The eco-conscious architecture aims to enhance interaction with nature and encourage self-exploration in a tranquil and serene atmosphere. With spaces designed for clear, natural lighting and an uninterrupted view of the orchard or the forest, guests can enjoy living within nature with modern conveniences. 

The atelier’s design approach is manifested as a composition of nature connected spaces that optimize use of energy. It is infused with aesthetics of natural stone, local materials and crafts for a stay immersed in the environment. Woods At Sasan has focused on making spaces that foster human experiences, bringing people physically together and adding love to the world around us. The material used and processes followed go beyond standard sustainability practices. The spaces have a simple architecture that is honest and fosters connections with nature. 

The over 280 trees on the property yield a sizable mango crop in the summertime, attracting a variety of insects, birds and wildlife. From curated wellbeing experiences guided by expert practitioners to guided wildlife safaris to spot the Asiatic lions to a village day out to engage with the locals, there is a Woods Experience to cater to your different needs.


Breathe in the essence of the forest, and relax in the serene treatment rooms scented with aromatic oils and spices as you begin your journey of healing. Founded on ancient Indian principles of holistic living, Som-Wellbeing at Woods At Sasan offers a way to harmonize mind, body and spirit through a range of treatments that cover Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Yoga and Meditation. Here, you can explore life and wellness, nutrition and growth, nature-based expeditions and experiences of the local culture of the land and its people.

The 5-day Journey of Inner Wellbeing, one of the wellness programs offered, includes morning meditation, sunrise yoga, Tibetan bowl meditation, detox, cleansing and immersive experiences.

As a modern retreat and a new generation of Indian hosts Woods At Sasan believes in offering its trend-forward guests holistic wellbeing experiences based on Eastern philosophies, which highlights wellbeing (not wellness) as a lifestyle and kingpins on sustenance.

Woods At Sasan advocates for a return to the ‘essentials’, tangible and intangible experiences that promote a more mindful and elevated life – an ELEVATED ESSENTIALS lifestyle through which it hopes to seed awareness of a mindful lifestyle in the hospitality community at large.


Discover authentic flavors of Gujarati cuisine at the signature restaurant Swadesh, Indian specialties and international classics at the all-day restaurant Terracotta, savor wood fired pizzas served fresh and hot off the oven at the poolside deck at Alfresco, or enjoy signature detox drinks and light bites poolside at the Mango Bar.

Guests can also enjoy the Swadesh thali with live performances of folk music during weekends and other culinary experiences such as the Nutritional Retreat founded on sattvic principles or a Wood Safari Lunch, prepared on a wood fire and served on the spot, at a clearing in the forest surrounding the resort, accompanied by a live flute recital.


  • The experiential Sattvic cuisine represents the flavors of the region in an authentic vegetarian thali or meal with healthy ingredients.
  • The top notch wellbeing offerings are based on Eastern Philosophies catering to modern lifestyles.


  • Weather conditions can get rather extreme, so make sure you pack for hot afternoons and chilly evenings.
  • The ethnic cuisine restaurant Swadesh offers vegetarian thali.


Biophilic and inclusive design is exemplified at Woods At Sasan with the intermingling of nature and architecture.

Floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors offer an unparalleled view but the designs not only offer aesthetic but eco-friendly functions.

Rooms are designed to catch the gentle rays of the rising sun and reduce exposure to the midday heat, an architectural intervention that contributes to approximately 26% energy savings.

Each of the 38 accommodation choices across four categories offers privacy, luxury and a marvelous view of the gardens or the forest. Rooms are handcrafted with local materials and merge effortlessly into the surrounding greenery.

Choices include the 3-bedroom Woods Villa with a private plunge pool, the two-tiered Woods Pavilions with rain showers, the Woods Studios and Woods Studios with Terrace that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding nature.


Relax at the infinity edge pool. If you prefer your own private pool, The Woods Villa would be your choice of accommodation.


Rates start at US$303 for The Woods Studio. A 3-Night/4-Day Woods Wildlife Expedition starts at US$1,027 for double occupancy at Woods Studio.


Sasan Talala Road
Gir Forest Sasan
India 362135
Tel: +91 2877 281 000