2-9 December | Saint-François, Guadeloupe

Yinyasa Yoga Retreat with Pema Aglossi (8 Days / 7 Nights)

Explore new dimensions of well-being and vitality in the heart of Caribbean culture with Yinyasa Yoga Retreat. Revitalizing practices and inspiring teachings in privileged locations in Guadeloupe. Let yourself be guided by passionate experts and meet souls who share similar aspirations. 

Retreat Includes:

  • 7-Night Stay in a Luxurious Accomodation
  • Yin Yoga Classes 
  • Organic and Local Brunch 
  • Daily Massages
  • Vinayasa Yoga Classes
  • Tropical and Organic Dinners
  • Meditation
  • 2 Days of Excursions

Not Included:

  • Transportation to and from Venue 
  • Any additional Treatments or Classes


Pema Aglossi Charles Latitude - Destination DeluxePema Aglossi
Yoga and Pilates Instructor

Pema Aglossi is a leading figure in the world of yoga. For the past decade, Pema has been practicing and teaching a blend of yoga and Pilates, offering a playful and attentive approach suitable for practitioners of all levels.

Pema began his journey in the fitness world by training at the Pilates Center in Santa Barbara. Seeking a practice that encompassed more flexibility, balance, and muscle strengthening, Pema immersed himself in the Pilates method, gaining a profound understanding of movement and the human body’s form.

During a retreat at an Ashram in India, Pema realized the importance of connecting body and mind. Inspired by the harmony and balance he found in the practice of yoga, he began exploring different styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Iyengar.

Combining dynamic yoga postures and energy with the strength and focus of Pilates, Pema created a unique and effective style that appeals to practitioners of all levels.

The pillars of his practice and life include a healthy diet, daily meditation, regular yoga practice, and the desire to bring well-being to those around him. This philosophy is reflected not only in his teaching but also in his daily life.

Pema Aglossi is not only a dedicated teacher but also a source of inspiration to many. He continues to share his passion for yoga, health, and well-being through his classes, retreats, and workshops, touching the lives of thousands of people worldwide. His dedication and enthusiasm for Tiger Yoga have made him a true star in the field of yoga.

WHERE: Charles Latitude
WHEN: 2 – 9 December (8 Days/ 7 Nights)
ACCOMMODATION: Single and Double Occupancy Available
FOOD: Local Cuisine featuring organic fruits and vegetables from our garden. 

PRICE: EUR 4608.10 for Double occupancy and EUR 6325.20 for Single occupancy
TO BOOK: charles-latitude.com / contact@charleslatitude.com