1-11 February 2024 | Bali, Indonesia

Yoga Retreat at Holiway Bali with Daliborka Neumann (11 Days/10 Nights)

Embark on a transformative yoga retreat at Holiway Garden, located within the serene north of Bali, nestled by the tranquil sea. Immerse yourself in the enchanting island of Bali, where you’ll discover the divine energy it holds. This retreat offers a blend of yoga, meditation, lush green landscapes, mystical sunrise dolphin encounters, breathtaking waterfalls, Balinese purification rituals by the sea, and much more.

Please note that the primary language of this retreat is German.

The aim of the retreat is to  help you connect deeply with yourself and embrace the profound beauty of life at the heart level. Experience the immense power of the heart, fostering inner peace, joy, healing, and the exploration of new cultures. Through daily yoga sessions and meditation, our goal is to open our hearts, promote relaxation, and move forward with openness and lightness. Bid farewell to stress and chaos as you feel your body and heart shedding the burdens of daily life, growing lighter with each passing day. Surrender to the flow of life and rediscover the key to your heart that you’ve always carried within.

The Yoga Retreat takes place at Holiway Garden, a tropical paradise on Bali’s northern coast. Designed with Feng Shui principles and ecological considerations in mind, this ECO resort radiates harmony and well-being. The villas and bungalows are thoughtfully arranged to provide maximum privacy, enhancing your retreat experience.


  • Yoga every morning on the yoga platform overlooking the breathtaking Indian Ocean or in the beautiful meditation hall.
  • Meditation (silent, active or guided).
  • Heart & Soul Circle.
  • 1 x 1 hour Balinese massage.
  • 1 x Balinese cleansing ritual by the sea.
  • 1 x Kirtan and Sound Healing with cocoa.
  • 1 x mindful hike to the Les waterfall in Tejakula with silent meditation at the waterfall (weather permitting).
  • 1 x out to sea on the fishing boat to watch dolphins and view the Island of the Gods from the sea.
  • Goodie gift bag with surprises and your personal drinking bottle.

Not Included:

  • Airfare
  • Transfers
  • Individual coaching/Reiki sessions


Dali 028 Klein

Daliborka Neumann 
Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Transformational Coach

Daliborka is an experienced Yoga & Meditation teacher, who has studied with many well-known teachers. She has been officially on the Yoga and transformation path since 2010, and has fully dedicated her life to conscious living since. In 2018, Daliborka made a life changing experience and set out on a journey to dive deeper into yoga and meditation. She lives in Bali and enjoys sharing her experience in classes, workshops and retreats for a balanced life with depth and warmheartedness.

WHERE: Holiway Garden, Bali, Indonesia
WHEN: 1-11 February 2024 (11 Days / 10 Nights)
ACCOMMODATION: Single or double occupancy
FOOD: To craft the perfect experience for our cherished guests, we proudly introduce BarunaFood, a nutritional concept meticulously curated in collaboration with expert minds, that offers well-balanced and health-conscious food. Our commitment to exceptional flavor and your wellbeing comes to life through our selection of the freshest ingredients. Delight in meals prepared with care, featuring freshly caught fish, ethically sourced meat from contented free-range chickens, crisp organic vegetables, and wholesome rice. There are always vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Our talented chefs skillfully craft delectable Asian and international dishes, sourcing inspiration from the vibrant offerings of our daily market excursions. And as an exceptional treat, find warm, ovenbaked-fresh bread on our breakfast buffet — a rarity in Indonesia, but a daily delight here. Dive into a culinary adventure that marries the finest flavors with your wellbeing in mind.
PRICE: Single occupancy (2,090 Euros per person) & Double occupancy (1,890 Euros per person)
TO BOOK: namaste@daliborkaneumann.com