Yoga Travel Photography Retreat in Myanmar with Brian Crawford

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Learn Travel Photography from the Best in Myanmar

Join luxury travel experience company E:scape for this 7-night wellness journey through Myanmar with top travel photographer Brian Crawford. Learn how to take the best yoga and travel photographs in a country where golden temples and thousands of stuppas will be your mesmerizing backdrops.

Brian Crawford Yoga Travel Photography Retreat - Destination Deluxe
By Brian Crawford

Well known in the world of yoga, having traveled the world over the past four years photographing celeb yogis and creating destination vlogs, Crawford shot to fame last year in his YouTube video with famous yoga comedian JP Sears which went viral.

Having recently moved to Bali from California, Crawford is now using his landscape photography skills, which he honed at a newspaper back home, to capture famous yogis in breathtaking nature settings in Asia. His expertise is to capture the power and grace of each person who steps in front of his lens.

Brian Crawford Photography - Destination Deluxe

“The best part of my Job is making women cry when they take a look at the back of my camera screen during a shoot,” says Crawford. “It may sound shocking to you at first but I’ve had so many beautiful moments when women break down and tell me how grateful they are for making them look so good. They thought they could never look like that again! It’s really an emotional moment when that happens and something that I cherish.”

Crawford’s impeccable eye, matched with stunning outdoor vistas, is what creates his much-loved photography.

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Yoga Retreats Brian Crawford Photography - Destination Deluxe
By Brian Crawford

Join ​him on this Travel Photography & Yoga journey through Myanmar’s most beautiful sites, as he teaches you composition using the rule of thirds, exposure and filters to get the best lighting, best yoga poses for pictures, how to manage the person in front of the camera, how to spot the best locations and what else it really takes to take the best travel photos. So expect plenty of jaw-dropping shots to fill your Instagram feed and leave with new knowledge of travel photography and an impressive portfolio to wow any photography enthusiast.

Designed for those looking to improve their travel photography skills, this photographic adventure is limited to 12 people. You will spend 2 nights in Yangon, 2 nights in Bagan and 3 nights in Ngapali, and experience excursions such as a private balloon ride over scenic Bagan. Another highlight of the trip will be daily yoga practice and healthy nutritious meals, no experience of yoga necessary. So you will not only learn new skills but you will also have time to unwind and relax on the pristine beaches of Ngapali coming back from your trip feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

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Yoga Retreat Myanmar - Destination Deluxe

“The retreat in Myanmar is going to be a workshop where we will go out on excursions to shoot different locations,” says Crawford. “I’m going to be reviewing some of my tips and tricks on photography. Some of the people may already know the basics, and some may not, but regardless, I will review what the basics of photography are, such as light, exposure, aperture, shutter, all the basics, to get them up to par of what they need to be to be able to shoot in the “manual” mode on your camera, rather than shooting in “automatic”. But to be able to adjust the photograph to what you see in your mind, you want to be shooting in “manual”, because then you can give it that artistic touch. It will be a landscape photography retreat, but since I’m used to shooting yoga portraits, I will be able to explain composition and document them doing behind the scenes photos, maybe taking some photos myself, but mainly focusing on teaching people how to take the proper shot.”

The retreat is open to anyone and there are no pre-requisites required, except for a passion to take beautiful photos. Having a DSLR camera is beneficial to get the most out of the workshops, and all levels and knowledge of yoga practice are welcome on this retreat.


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Yoga Retreat Brian Crawford Photography - Destination Deluxe
By Brian Crawford